Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 54

Hello Friends and Family!!

I am happy to tell you all that this week was GREAT!! I don't know how to explain the difference between this week and the rest of this transfer but I think something finally clicked! I feel like I finally just this week got to know my companion and now, guess what? Transfers are here... It's funny how the Lord works.  He knows that we were finally able to learn the lesson that we had to learn from one another and now I will be receiving a new companion on Wednesday.  This transfer FLEW by!! I can't even believe that it's true!! But I'm going to have to accept it haha I forget the name of my new companion but what I do know is that she is from Brazil. :) Fun!! Maybe I'll be able to learn a little bit of Portuguese! 

Fun moment from this week... Hermana SarceƱo were just knock some doors when a lady called us over to her car and said that a messenger had sent her to find me.  She said that there was someone who wanted to speak with me and she showed me a picture on her phone that she had received from a friend with instructions to find this mormon missionary.  She asked us "You're elders, right?" haha She said that Sister Espinoza's sister wanted to meet up with me to get to know me haha so she gave me here phone number and address and we called her today and met up! haha it was super weird!! Apparently Camila also has a cousin here studying in Valdivia and she served a mission in Brazil!! Small world!! :) so that was fun!

I don't have more time but I love you guys so much!!! 

Hermana Harvey

Sister Espinoza's family! Evangelia and Barbara.

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  1. What amazing experiences you are having on your mission that will be great preparation for the experiences life will throw at you when you get home and back to the "real" world. All the setback and problems, as well as the joy when you see htings come together are such great lessons to be learning now. How fortunate you are! Love your pictures! You just radiate love! Love ya, Sister G