Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 74! Vicious dogs and drunk men, oh my!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 73

Hello Friends and Family!!

We had an awesome week!! :) First of all... We have been practicing our Spanish, English, and Portuguese! I can now successfully have a very broken conversation with my companion in Portuguese! Whoo! haha It's really close to Spanish so it's not all that hard to learn, but the pronunciation is complicated...  And we speak in English a lot now because Hermana Medeiros is learning soooo my English is coming back little by little but I feel confused in Spanish! Sooo we're going to speak English even more and I have to learn how to separate them in my mind before I get home so that I don't forget it!! I'm getting better every day :) haha

We had lots of activities for Christmas with our branch this week, which was awesome becuase we are finding new people to teach in every activity!! :) The craziest thing that happened in our activity on Saturday was that we were running around quite a bit because we have so much to do and after the activity, we were already leaving when we saw a member standing there and I felt like he wanted to talk to us.  So, even though we were running out the door and really did NOT have time, we stopped and asked him if there was something that we could do for him.  He responded saying that it's fine if we needed to go but that here was a woman inside that wanted to get baptized.  He told us that she would be getting married in January and wanted to get baptized right after she gets married!! We could NOT believe what we were hearing!! We had been working sooo hard every-day trying to find the people that God has prepared to receive this gospel and, in this moment when we least expected it, God blessed us with the chance to meet someone who is REALLY prepared! :) We have an appointment with her on Wednesday so I'll let you know how it goes next week :) Or in SKYPE on Thursday! :)

Our focus this week was on helping out investigators come to church with us on Sunday and yesterday, we were running again with meetings and things that we had to do and didn't even have time to pass by our investigators' houses to help them get to church.  Well, we got into our first meeting after all of the things that we had to do in the morning, almost sure that our investigators weren't going to show up... and we saw that one of our investigators, Mauricio, was already there! Then, after a little while, we saw that there was another sitting in the back and another, Mirium...who wants to get baptized, sitting by her boyfriend! So there were already 3 investigators just sitting there waiting for the meeting to start! You cannot imagine our surprise! :) Then, Hermana Medeiros and I sang after the sacrament a Christmas hymn in Spanish, Portuguese and English and while we were singing, we watched another one of our investigators walk in!! :D We were sooo happy to see all of them there!! :) Soo pretty much, even though we worked REALLY hard this week and walked A LOT.... but really... A LOT... we saw the blessings and we are still seeing them!! :)

I love this gospel and I know that it is true and that it can bless each and every one of our lives!!

I love you guys!! I'll see you on Thursday! :DD

Hermana Harvey

So when we were leaving a group activity, we saw our sister-leaders walking and I was like... whoa... that's what we look like to other people... I have to take a picture!

An adorable family of investigators that came to our branch Relief Society activity!! :) I love this family so much!  This is Elizabeth, our investigator that we are teaching how to read.

Okay... Just look at this bug that I found in our house! I could not believe how weird it was! And it just sad there on this folder and let me take pictures of it! My companion thought I was crazy buuut I love taking pictures of weird little things like that... :P

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 72! (That's only 6 Monday emails left for those keeping score at home!)

Hello Friends and Family!

So, this week Elder Texeira came to visit our mission and taught us a LOT about how to be efficient and how to have success in the mission field! So we have been changing a LOT of things about the way that we work! Especially with talking to literally EVERYONE in the streets.  There are always soo many people and we have to separate ourselves at time (still being able to see and hear one-another but talking to different people) in order to talk to everyone! Sooo we have been talking to a LOT of people and finding a lot of new people to teach!!

Remember that little old lady that we're teaching named Elba? Remember how I told you guys that she's 95 years old! Weeell we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!! She is going to be baptized on January 16th! God really does prepare his children in every stage of life! She is such a sweet little lady and she says that she knows that she has to be baptized in order to live with God again after this life so she wants to take this step! Man... we really learn to LOVE the people that we serve here :)

I love you guys and I'm already out of time!! :)
Hermana Harvey
The members of our branch came to help us cut our grass!! :)  It took an army to cut that forest that we had :) Now it'll be easier the next time we try to cut it with school scissors! :)

Pictures from Hermana Medeiros' mom...

Hermana Medeiros made some Brazilian food for Madison.  I hope she teaches her to make it, so she can cook it for us when she comes home. :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 71

Hello Friends and Family! 

We received a referral from a member in our branch and she said that it was a little old lady who lived with her son and we were excited to go meet her. When we got to her house, her son was bringing their firewood in and we offered help but, obviously, as always, he told us no so we saw her mom sitting there and we started talking. We told her who we were and that her neighbor had told us that we HAD to come meet her so here we were.  We did not imagine how old she really was until we met her.  She is 95!! But she still hears really well!! That was the most surprising thing to me! haha don't people usually lose their hearing after a while...?  She had a very hard life.... she had 15 children and raised all of them by herself because her husband died just after the smallest was born and she lost many of her children through the years.  She only has 3 children left now.  She also raised a good portion of her grandchildren because a few of her kids were not able to care after them.  She is a very strong woman and now is ready to receive the true gospel in her life!! It is amazing that God can really prepare people to receive the gospel in ANY stage of life!! 

Another thing that was pretty gosh darn funny, just a quick recap, was a lady that we contacted in the street and when we went to give her a pass-along card, she told us that she wouldn't accept it because she believes in Jesus Christ and when we told her that we do too, she told us that she KNOWS we are lying because she knows that we say that we believe in him but then we step all over him and that we put his image on the floor of our chapel so that everyone can step on him as they walk in.  Wow.... I just want everyone to know that WE BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST!! He is the center of our religion and the head of our church! I know that he lives and that he loves us and that we cannot be saved if it were not for his sacrifice for us!

Being in the house a bit extra these weeks has given us the chance to cook a lot in the house! :) We've been inventing lots of new things to cook with the things that we find in the house! :) It's fun!! But what is even better is that we have been able to study for HOURS each day in the scriptures and I have really learned to LOVE the Book of Mormon!! But in a way that I never could before I REALLY started studying it!! And I KNOW that it is true!! And I also love that we have been able to leave the house every day!! :D Whoo!! I just have to go back home now if my ankle starts to feel molested (that's the word that you would use in English?... I don't know...)  And we are seeing so many miracles!!  We are finding new people that need the gospel each and every day!! I LOVE BEING ON A MISSION!!! AHHHH!!!

Hermana Harvey

Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 70

Hello Friends and Family!!

Sooo this week has been a little different... :P We spent most of our week stuck in the house because I couldn't exactly walk.. soo I don't really have all that much to tell.. other than the fact that I have advanced a lot in my Book of Mormon lecture! Whoo!! :)

One "funny" thing that happened is that President Obeso was going to come to our house to interview us because all of our zone had interviews and he didn't want us to have to travel to Puerto Montt to have ours.  So we were freaking out a little bit and we cleaned our entire house. But we REALLY cleaned our house! We scrubbed the floor and the washing machine and the stove and behind the washing machine and stove and the craziest thing is that we needed to cut the grass but we didn't have grass-cutting scissors (yes, they use these big scissors to cut the grass here) soooo Hermana Medeiros had the great idea of cutting the grass with her normal scissors.... I could NOT believe it... she cut almost ALL the grass with those school scissors!! I put a chair outside and sat there and started pulling up grass with my hands to try to help but she ended up coming in with blisters on her hand from cutting so much grass so little at a time!! LOCA!  So he said that he was going to get there at 3:00 so she cut that grass as fast as her little hand could move and then came in the house to make it look like nothing had happened and started studying her scriptures like a good little missionary. So we waited and waited.. and when it was about 5:00 we thought... that is so weird.. why hasn't he come yet? So we looked at our phone and realized that it didn't have any signal! So we began doing everything possible to make the signal come back and finally, we received a message that said that President Obeso had called 7 TIMES!!! Soooo... when we could finally get ahold of him, he told us that he couldn't find our house even after asking a bunch of people in the street where the mormon missionaries live and they were already almost back in Osorno! Man I felt sooo bad!! And so did Hermana Medeiros! Her poor little hand! She did all that for nothing! haha

Aaand another funny thing was that I was looking at a box of vitamins that we had in our house and reading what it said and I guess the whole being in Spanish thing confused me.  It said that we had to keep the pills in a dry, cool area away from the light (sounds pretty normal, right).  I looked at my companion and said, "wow! these vitamins must be really strong! It says that you can't even go out into the light after taking them!" Ummmm... yeah.... my companion is still making fun of me for that :) 

I love you guys!!!
Hermana Harvey

Pictures from Hermana Medeiros!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 69

Hello Friends and Family!!

Well, first of all, we had a week of miracles!! One of our investigators, Alejandro, decided that he wants to be baptized and we set his baptismal date for December 19th! Right before Christmas! :) Whoo!!  We are so happy for him! 

I was teaching my companion how to make bread this week and decided that it would be fin to turn it into a language study session at the same time... so I sat on the couch and just told her step-by-step what she had to do and she followed my instructions.  I saw that she didn't exactly understand how much oil to use and I watched her put a LOT... but I continued with my instructions anyways and saw that she was having difficulty kneading it because it had waay too much oil so I began to give her instructions to make biscuits instead of bread because I knew it wasn't going to turn out too well.  I told her to roll out the dough and put it to cut it out, put them on a cookie sheet and to poke holes in it with a fork.  She asked me if we should put egg or butter on them and I said no, it has plenty of oil.  Then I look over at her and realize that she was pouring oil onto a fork and spreading it over the top of each biscuit... I asked "Hermana Medeiros... What are you doing?" And she said, "I'm doing what you told me to do!" The word in Spanish for holes is "hoyos" and apparently, to Hermana Medeiros it sounded a lot like "oil" sooo she thought that I used a word in English in the middle of my sentence and was telling her to put even more oil on top of her oily mixture and to use a fork to do it.  And the funniest thing as that she did it! She listened to me! Wow... that is a trusting companion right there :) So I showed her how to poke holes in her "bread" and it actually turned out pretty good! :)

Aaaannd now for the biggest news of this week... drum role please.... I sprained my ankle! Okay... here´s what happened... So Hermana Medieros and I were on our way to an appointment and were extra happy so we were skipping through the street when I stepped off the road a little bit into the dirt and herd a loud crack and felt a strong pain in my ankle.  I immediately knew that something serious had happened and began to scream and cry.  At this point, Hermana Medeiros said that she thought I was just joking around and I was just going to say "I'm soo happy" because she says that I always do that but then when she heard me start yelling "I don't want to be sent home! I don't want to be sent home!" She knew that I wasn't laughing.  A couple of the young men of our branch just happened to be walking by so she called them over to help and they carried me to a nearby member's house.  The called a taxi and took me to the hospital where they checked my ankle and told me that it was broken.  The doctor said that he could feel the bone move when he pressured my ankle where I said that it hurt and that they didn't have X-rays there so they would have to send me to Puerto Montt to know how bad the break was.  Soo they gave me an IV for the pain and then a member came and picked us up to go to the clinic in Puerto Montt. Before leaving, I received a priesthood blessing from my mission leader of our branch and then we headed off.  When I finally got my X-rays taken, the doctor looked at them and said that my bones were perfectly fine. There was no fracture and that it was just a sprain!! It was a MIRACLE!! President Obeso called me in the morning and said that the mission nurse had called him and told him what was happening and that if I had a fracture, I would have to be sent home because I wouldn't have enough time to heal on my mission.  I know that God wants me to be here on my mission right now and that's why he spared my ankle so that I will be able to finish strong! I feel sooo blessed!! I know that this gospel is true and I am going to use this time that the Lord has given me to the fullest!! I just have to wear a boot for about a week and then I'll be good to go! :) 

I love you guys!! 

Hermana Harvey

Yup... I sprained my ankle.... It happens, ya know?

I got my package!! THANK YOU!! :)
Another Picture posted online by Hermana Medeiros's mom. :) 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 68

Hello Friends and Family!

This week was amazing!!  We have been finding new people to teach each and every day!! EVERY DAY!! It is amazing!! It's like the Lord just wants to literally pour blessings upon us every day.  I have felt the way that the Lord works through us in a very special way this week.  

We were teaching Hugo yesterday (YES, WE FOUND HIM AT HOME AGAIN THIS WEEK!) and he still has LOTS of great questions!  We were able to teach him in a very simple way the truths that he needed to answer every question and doubt that he had.  It was amazing how the spirit worked through us... the spirit was so strong as we were speaking and we had no idea what to say until the words just started coming out of our mouths.  You could see it on his face as he went from not even knowing for sure if God exists to feeling the spirit testify that God is his loving heavenly father.  We felt the power of those words as we testified to him that his father in heaven loves him! I know more than any other moment in my life that God is literally my father and that he loves me! 

Do you guys remember Juán? I don't know if I have already told you about him but he is one of our investigators who's wife passed away about 9 years ago and has had a lot of trouble accepting commitment because the rest of his family has a thing against the Mormons and he is afraid of losing the rest of the family that he has left.  Well, after an amazing lesson about the Restoration and how through this restoration, the authority of Christ is on the earth again so that we can be baptized and make it to heaven to be with our loved ones again, we invited him to be baptized on November 28th and he accepted!! We are soo happy for him!! One thing that I have learned on my mission is that we are not helping people to become better.  We are not helping good people to become better and bad people to become good... we are opening the door for these people to have eternal happiness... to make it to the celestial kingdom or what is more commonly know of as heaven. Where we can live in eternal happiness. And i know that it is only through this message that we share... the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ... that we can be with our families for all eternity.

I love you guys!!
Hermana Harvey

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 67

Hello friends and family!!!

Hermana Medeiros is such a sweetheart!! I love working with her!! :) But you would NOT believe how crazy our first day together was!! I felt so bad!! haha I had to explain to her liike 15 times that it wouldn't be this way every day! Sooo.... here's what happened... First of all, we had lunch with President Obeso and all of the other missionaries that are either starting their missions or training a new missionary and he spoke to us and everything and then we got on a bus to head back to Puerto Montt.  On the bus, we recieved a call that Hermana Medeiros had left a bag in the church that had her Book of Mormon, along with some other things, inside. So she lived the first few days of her mission without a Book of Mormon (she has it now, thank goodness ;)).  Then, when we got to Puerto Montt, we went to buy her a backpack because she didn't know she could bring one and only had a little purse that didn't hold much of anything.  It was a beautiful day so I took of my jacket off and we headed off to go shopping :)  THEN we got back to the bus terminal, got all of her suitcases and everything together and got on a bus headed to Llanquihue.  When we were just leaving Puerto Montt, I suddenly realized that I didn't have my jacket.  I had forgotten it in the bus terminal! I thought, oh well, it's okay, I'll just call the elders that were there and I would get it back later.  When I went to reach for the cell phone and realized that not only was our cell phone in the jacket, but so were the only keys to our house! As we got on the highway headed to Llanquihue, we had to tell the bus driver that we had to get off NOW because we had forgotten something.  He looked at
us as if we were insane then a man helped us take out all of our suitcases that Hermana Medeiros had brought and they left us stranded on the high way.... We had to walk all the way to the nearest bridge to cross over to the other side where we could take another bus to get back to Puerto Montt... By the time we got back, we were sweating like pigs and looked like we were about to die and obviously the Elders thought it was the funniest thing in the world as they watched us walk the last few steps to retrieve my jacket that I had forgotten.  (I don't even know how we made it back. It was a miracle.)  When I got my jacket, I looked in the pockets and WE FOUND THE HOUSE KEYS!! But the cell phone wasn't there.... :( haha so we wen't about 4 days without cell phone or Book of Mormon until the Elders could bring us a new cell phone and bring us Hermana Medeiros's Book of Mormon. Whoo. What a week.
But the rest of our week went really well!! :) We're doin' Good here in Llanquihue!! And it looks like we found a new apartment that is going to be gorgeous!! I'll send you pictures when it's finished!! :)

I love you guys!! Have a great week!!

Hermana Harvey

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 66 - A Week of Change!

Hello Friends and Family!!

This week, everything has been changing! But most of all, I think I have changed a LOT this week.  It is amazing how much you can learn when you dedicate your life to the service of God!  I had a couple months in which I was a little depressed because I have just been overly stressed with all that we have to do as missionaries.  I went through a couple of months of little or no desire to get up in the morning and was doing everything that I have to do because it is my responsibility as a missionary rather than because I wanted to do it.  I was not enjoying my mission the way that I had been for the first year or so.  But I didn't even realize how bad it had gotten.  I only realized when we went to a member's house for lunch and she was talking to us about when she served as the mission president's wife a few years ago.  She said that in this time, there was no mission nurse so all of the missionaries called her when they were sick.  She explained to us the signs that you can see when a missionary is overly stressed.  As she spoke, I recognized each and every sign in myself.  I was sooo stressed!! And so, that night, I was talking with my companion about it and everything just came pouring out!  Then, after talking for a long while, we got ready for bed and I began to pray for help.  I have never cried so much in a prayer before.  The next morning, after recognizing what was wrong, talking about everything that I was feeling with my companion and the Lord, and asking God for help, I woke up with desires to serve again!! I had energy and was ready to work!! I feel happy again!! Not that I was miserable these last couple of months, but I wasn`t as happy as I could have been!! But now, I can enjoy the rest of my mission to it's fullest.  

Osme got baptized this week!! :) We are sooo happy for him with this decision that he made!! In his baptism, his daughter Zulydela asked the primary to sing and they sang a primary song about baptism!! It was the sweetest thing in the world!! Before Osme got baptized, we decided to sing another hymn while he was waiting there in the baptismal font so that we could invite the spirit again! Haha so while he was there all soaking wet, we all sang "Soy un Hijo de Dios" or "I am a child of God." It was so great!! He invited a family from his work to come and they did! And his son also invited a friend and a member of our branch also invited a friend! So there were a lot of people who aren't members in his baptism!! That was a huge blessing for us!! :) And for them! :) He has the goal to go to the temple with his family in a year so that they can be an eternal family!! I know that they can be together forever and that this is made possible in the holy temples of the Lord and Osme knows that too and has that goal with his family!! :) We're so happy for them!

Lots of other things happened this week like... we had our Zone Conference on Wednesday in which we talked about what we can do better as a mission and set goals to be better and to see more miracles and we always leave sooo enlightened by the spirit!! And on Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I was with a sister who is going to be finishing her mission this next transfer and she was SUPER trunky thinking about her boyfriend who she left at home haha so that was fun! :) And I learned a lot from her about what I can do to be a better missionary! :) Oohhh... AAANNNNDDDD President Obeso called us last night... AANNNDDD.... We received our transfers!... Hermana Alvarez is going to be leaving this week and will still be inside my zone! So I will get to see her! :) And I will be training an hermana named Hermana Medeiro (I think) from Brazil!! So good thing I learned a little bit of Portuguese from Hermana Marinho! :) 

I love you guys so much!! 

Hermana Harvey

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lots of experiences with the.... Evangelics?

Hola familia y amigos!!
We found Hugo again!! We passed by his house yesterday and it was raining a LOT and we were soaking wet but he still let us in! :) He had even more questions for us and, honestly, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the answer to EVERY ONE of his questions!! I know that when people are really prepared to receive the gospel, God puts the right questions in their minds.  He read the pamphlet that we left with him and he also invited his mom (Who is VERY Evangelic to read it) and she said that she would! Wow!! But it was funny because when we met his mom, we were ending our lesson and were going to end with a prayer.  So I explained how we pray in the church of Jesus Christ, and emphasized that when we pray, only one person prays at a time and all of the other people listen and at the end, we say amen.  But I don't think she understood very well because she said "okay, you can guide the prayer then." and when I started to pray, she started praying too.  and when I finished praying, she said, "ohh! that was short!" Now I'll give my prayer and we all had to stop in our path as we were already packing up our backpacks to leave and listen to the surprise-prayer that she gave.  It was really funny. Even Hugo was smiling at us like " I know. My mom's funny. 
There are a lot of "Evangelics" (¿? I don't really know what they're called in the US) here so we teach a lot of crazy lessons haha another example of this is a lesson that we had this week with an investigator named Patricia.  Everything was going well until her husband got home.  haha He is VERY religious and when he saw us there, he went straight for his guitar! He sat down on the couch and, in the middle of us explaining the plan of Salvation, he began to play the guitar and sing very loudly about his love for God.  And, to our surprise, the rest of his family of 6 shortly joined in and our lesson about the plan that God has for us shortly turned into an evangelic worship service.  haha So that was fun :) We just ended with a prayer and left.  But it was fun!  There are about 2-3 "Evangelic temples" on every street here in Llanquihue soo we're going to have a lot of investigators like these :)
I love you guys so much!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Harvey

Sorry... no pictures because I had to write in another place today and I don't want to viruses on my SD card. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 64 - The Weeks Are Flying By!!

Hello Friends and Family!!

The weeks are FLYING by!! Seriously! I feel like every time I close my eyes another week has gone by!!  Our branch is already getting ready for Christmas! The branch choir already started practicing!! The director of the choir isn't a member so we can participate too as we teach the director :)  We are singing a song called "Arrurru." It is so hard to sing!! Even the Chileans have difficulty because of all of the RR´s involved haha but it's super fun :)

This week, we decided that we were going to mix it up a bit and play a game as we knocked doors.  We played "Guess who lives in that house."  So we look at a house and, from the things that we could see about the house, we chose a name to ask if ___ lived there :)  It was fun!! At one house, we decided to ask for Juán and the man who opened the door said..."You don't know his last name?" And when we said that we didn't know, he told us that he asks because there is one Juán that lives right in front of his house and another who lives about 3 houses down! haha! So we received 2 referrals :P haha But this man's name was Hugo and he told us that he doesn't believe in religion because they are all just in it for the money. He questioned why there would not be just one answer to everything if there is only one God.  He also said that the "pastors" now-a-days just decide one day that they want to start a church and they do it... he asked "Who calls them to be a pastor?"  These are all questions that we as missionaries LOVE to hear!! We explained to him that he is exactly right! That the people on this earth today have changed what is now known as religion.  Jesus Christ had established his church on the earth when he was here and after his death, the human race began to change his teachings according to what they wanted instead of what God wanted for them.  That is why there are so many churches on the earth today.  People have been trying to get as close as possible to the truth, but can't do it without the authorization of God! So we shared with him what we know about the Restoration of the Gospel! We shared our testimonies with him that the church of Jesus Christ, the same one that he established when he was here on the earth, is here again! And that we can receive so many blessings from this gospel!!  I know that it is true!! Because I have felt these blessings in my life!  I don't know if we will be able to see Hugo again because it was a miracle that we found him at home when we did because he works outside of the city but I know that he felt the truthfulness of our words.

We are going to have an activity in our branch to help the members feel more comfortable going out to teach with us.  We made a funny video about all of the things not to do when you go to a lesson with the missionaries.  Things like fall asleep in the lesson, play on your phone while we are teaching, teach false doctrine, talk waaaay too much, cry every 3 seconds...etc.  The members that helped us in the video did such a good job!! It is going to be hilarious!! :) I'm so excited to see it in the activity! :)

I love you guys so much!!
Hermana Harvey
Look! Giant people in Puerto Montt!

We went walking in Puerto Varas and it was beautiful! We also saw some pretty interesting things :P

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 63

Hello Friends and Family!!

We have had another great week here in Llanquihue!!  Osme has been doing great!! He is so excited about his baptism on the 31st! He's really committed to this day and we're already getting everything ready so that we won't be running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the last minute.  We have been teaching him ALL of the lessons to prepare him for baptism this week! Which are a lot of lessons! So it has been really fun to get to know him and his family better this week!! They live on a cow farm just outside of town and we love going there!! We get to cross the farm and talk to the cows every time we go to visit them :) It's rather amusing.  And it is GORGEOUS up there!!  One funny thing that happened up there is that Osme decided that he needed to cut his grass so he went and opened up the gate so all of the pregnant cows came onto into his yard and they ate his grass and left it perfect! As if he had worked for hours with a lawn mower.  And her wife, Mariluz told us that it works great because not only do they cut the grass perfectly but they also fertilize it at the same time! :) How convenient!  Then we had the great experience of watching as Osme did his job... he killed a baby calf...  and we watched the whole process. It was so sad!! But it was really interesting to see how it all works!

Yesterday in church, the primary asked us to come to help teach the kids about how to be a missionary and specifically how to talk to people in the street.  So we told them that, first of all, when you are a missionary, you have to say hello to EVERYONE that you see in the street.  Second, you can either offer them a pass-along card or you can offer your service if they need it.   (obviously, this was a very short version of what we do when we talk to people in the street).  Then, we gave each kid a pass-along card and went to work! :) We walked down the street with about 10 primary children all yelling "HOLA!! HOLA!!!" to every single person that they saw, no matter how far away they were or if they were inside of a bus or car :) They even yelled Hola at all of the dogs that they saw in the street :) And each and every one of them gave their pass-along card to someone! :) It was great!! THAT is how to do missionary work! :)

I love you guys lots!! :) Have a great week!! 

Hermana Harvey

The laguna that's about 2 minutes from our house (walking, as always).

I taught my companion how to chop wood :)

Walking to an appointment.... Ya know... just an every-day stroll through the cow farm.  Haha Osme, our investigator who is going to get baptized on October 31st lives on a cow farm in the country soo we get to come here often and it's gorgeous!

and this is the view from his house.  I looove the volcanos. Gorgeous! There are two volcanoes there... Osorno and Calbuco.  Calbuco is the one that looks more broken up because it errupted a couple months ago.

The city below from the cow farm

This is Osme's house.
He put up a good fight little guy...  but by this point, he already knew what was coming

Aaaand we looked away when he committed the crime.  


And he ended up here. Being smoked.

I know... I'm awful

Monday, October 5, 2015

Milagros en Llanquihue!

Hello Friends and Family!

So this week we set the goal as a zone that we were going to write down all of the little miracles that happen every day to be able to recognize them and feel more excited about our missions.  So we have been! And it is amazing how miracles just come out of the wood-works when you are really looking for them! We saw miracles all the way from dogs leaping out of their yards and NOT biting Hermana Alvarez's leg off to little old ladies working in their gardens who are interested in listening to our message.  (which you would be amazed how many there are here in Llanquihue)

One thing that happened this week that was super funny was that Hermana Alvarez is still learning how to contact people in the streets... So I decided that I was going to stop contacting every person and let her have a chance to do it for herself. Sooo we walked past a man who was sitting on his bike waiting for another man to leave his house and Hermana Alvarez stopped in front of him and just looked at him for a while (obviously waiting for me to say something) and then, not being able to think of anything else to say, she said, "¿Cómo se llama?" Haha I found it sooo funny that I almost couldn't control myself.  I couldn't even talk so I just waited and let her talk to him.  He smiled and told her his name then Hermana Alvarez invited him to General Conference and he said he might go. haha It was probably one of the most awkward contacts that I have seen but I am so proud of Hermana Alvarez and she was super happy with herself :)  So that was super fun!

We have been teaching a man named Juán and he has been progressing a lot!! We had a lesson with him and a sister named Hermana María and it went really well!! He is scared to be baptized because his family doesn't like the "mormons" and they all seem to be turning against him because he has been listening to us and coming to church with us... soo that makes it hard for him.  He also lost his wife a few years ago and she was Evangelic so he doesn't know how she would feel about him getting baptized in another church.  So we shared with him about the simple truth that families can be together forever and that it is only through the sacred covenants or promises of baptism that we can get to that point.  Hermana María then shared an experience of when her husband passed away a little over a year ago and she met the missionaries a couple of weeks after he passed away.  She explained that as soon as she heard the message, she knew that it was true and that when she was baptized and received the Holy Ghost, she was filled with a joy that she can't even explain.  She still missed her husband a lot because she loved him so much but she felt that the Holy Ghost was holding her up when she couldn't for herself.  That is what this gospel offers us.  We can have the strength to withstand the trials of this world.  And that is exactly what Juán needed to hear at this point in his life. 

We also had a lesson with Osme, our investigator who is going to be baptized on October 31st.  He is soo prepared! He told us that he wrote down the date of his baptism and put it on his door to remind him that he has to do all of the things that we ask him to do so that he can be prepared for that day so that someday he can be sealed in the temple with his family for eternity!! I am so excited for him!! His wife and two kids are already members. They got baptized a year ago in December and the time has now come for Osme also.

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Harvey
We bought firewood! Whoo!!

And we had to bring it all in ourselves.

It was a lot of firewood.