Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Email from Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We have had three amazing teachers here at the CCM!  Their names are Hermana Nava, Hermana Velazquez, and Hermano Martinez!  But Hermana Velazquez isn't our teacher anymore. :(  she was just training Hermana Nava becuase she actually just started working here three weeks ago!  The same time we got here!  But now Hermana Nava is good and trained so Hermana Velazquez is teaching a different class!! It's really sad because we absolutely loved her!  We would always mess with her because she has been dating another teacher at the CCM for 10 months now and they want to get married but he hasn't proposed yet!! Her Birthday was last week so we all thought he would propose that day but he didn't!! We were all very upset and one of the Elders even "tripped" in front of him and fell down on one knee to try to show him how it's done! It was pretty hilarious!
One thing that is really funny that happens all the time (usually when we are at gym playing volleyball or something) is that we will see a couple of missionaries walk by and think (or even say out loud sometimes) "Hey! It's the missionaries!"  Then we remember that we are all missionaries... haha but it is just that reflex of seeing missionaries walking down the street that we forget where we are and what we're doing!  It's really weird but funny! :)

Our lessons with our investigators have been way too long lately! We are only supposed to take 15 minutes for our lessons and we have been taking about 40 minutes sometimes!! :/  The Elders have been timing us every time we go in to give a lesson now because they noticed the pattern!  We have been better about it now though and cutting our lessons down to about 20 minutes!  It is amazing how fast the time flies when you are teaching by the Spirit!

So the Latino Elders here are often-times pretty crazy! We were walking to our classroom on Sunday after breakfast for study time and a group of Latino Elders came up to us and were asking us to take a picture so we said yes and were going to take the camera and they said "¡No! ¡Con Ustedes!"  We were confused and asked "¿Porque?!"  They just responded with the fact that they were leaving tomorrow and looked at us as if it was obvious.  So, of course, we agreed to take a picture with them and one of the Elders said, in Spanish so not exactly this, Not me! I have a girlfriend!  It was so confusing and weird! But they are hilarious!

There were also a couple of Latina Hermanas who we would always sit next to and talk to in the comador and they would help us with our Spanish (correct us on things that we said wrong and teach us new things).  I was pretty sure we were a little annoying because we weren't all that good at communicating with them and they would have to help us a lot but they left yesterday and they asked to take a picture with us before they left!! It was so cute and sweet!! It made me feel so good that I could actually make friends here in Mexico with Hermanas who didn't speak any English at all! It was great! :) Then they came back about 3 minutes later because they forgot to get our email addresses!! It was so cute!! :) They were such sweet girls!!  OH! And their going to the Mexico Torreon (I don't know how to spell it) Mission which I'm pretty sure is where Dad went? :) They were great!  

One thing that is really cool about the weather here is that there is thunder and lightning just about every night but not always rain accompanying it!! Don't get me wrong, it rains every single night but not always at the same time as thunder and lightning.  Sometimes the thunder and lightning is so loud and strong that it shakes our casas at night! We literally feel our beds shake!  It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced!! :) I love you guys so much!! I miss all of my friends and family and hope everything is going well for you! I love hearning from all of you!!  As Preston said in my email today, See you soon! :)

--Hermana Harvey

Kim: I also had been a little worried about her getting homesick, so I asked her how she was doing, and she responded with... " I am doing great!! :) I have only really had one hard day here because of the difficulty of the language and that was a passing moment!  I have been focusing outward like I have always been told to do and I am happier than I have ever been and closer to the Lord than I have ever been in my entire life!! So yes, I am doing alright :)"
They have mini bananas! So cute!

My companion picked me a flower out of the grass while we were walking to the Snow Building (where our classroom is) last week :) had to take a picture!

This is a cool tree thing in front of the Thomas S. Monson building! How do they do it?!

Mosiah 10:5.  I memorized this scripture in spanish and have used it a LOT in our lessons!

I have learned the way that the locals eat their mangos! It's a lot more messy!

 There are these weird things that we all call lego hands but we don't know what they are! Anyone want to find out for us?

close up of the "Lego Hands"

There are these weird mirror things connected all over and we think it's connected to the fire hydrants.  Anyone know why?

This is me at the computer ready to email you guys!! :D
There are these green circles everywhere and this is where we go if there is an earthquake.  We have not had one yet.

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