Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 29!

Hello friends and family!!
Soo.. first of all, we found someone new to teach!! We have been praying and fasting that we might be able to find the people in our sector that are prepared to receive this message in their lives and to recognize the people that need this message at this time! We had a zone fast on Sunday (as a zone, we didn't eat or drink anything for 24 hours and we were praying for a specific purpose) to be able to find these prepared people.  We saw almost immediate resultes!!  We were trying to find a few people that we had talked to in the streets who live by the coast where there is the most wind physically possible and at one point the wind pushed us in the direction of this big wooden door so Hermana Jenkins just kinda followed the wind and said, "We're gonna knock on this door." So we went and knocked at this house and a man came out and we were talking for a long time about how he had gone to Utah and visited the temple there and went to three different buildings around the temple and we were talking about the importance of the temple and the sanctity of it's purpose.  Then we asked him after a while if we could come back some other day to share with him the message that we have to share with the people and he said... "Another day? Why not now?" So he invited us in and we shared with him about how the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth.  He was really interested and had lots of good questions!! We set up another appointment to visit with him today! So I'll let you know how that goes! :)
We got to go to Torres del Paine yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! Unbelievable!! Torres in Spanish means towers, so the Torres del Paine are these three huge rocks/mountains/things that are incredibly beautiful! We went on a tour for the entire day from 5am to 9:30pm.  We had stops all along the way to see lots of beautiful things! Lakes and mountains and even a lake that usually has glaciers but it is summer so there were only a couple really far away.. :( that was sad but it was still beautiful and fun!! We also got to see lots of these llama things (they're not really llamas but they're like a cousin of the llama) and Ostriches! But we only saw them from the bus so it was really hard to take pictures of them... I didn't get any pictures of the Ostriches :( But that's okay! We had a great time and now I have a bunch of energy to keep working hard!! :)
I love you all!!!
Hermana Harvey
All of the lakes in Torros del Paine are different shades of blue and green!! It was AMAZING!! Soo beautiful! I could not believe how blue this lake is!

Some of us missionaries right after eating lunch above the "glaciers".

Okay... We saw a rainbow cloud!! It was incredible!! Have you ever seen a cloud like this before?? It doesn't really capture how amazing it was in the picture but you can get the idea.  The sun was directly behind the cloud so it created all of these colors in the cloud!! incredible!!

Torres del Paine!

These are the only glaciers we got to see.

Soy yo!

Our district! It was very cold and windy!

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  1. Un gran día de paseo y de campo,paseando por la octava maravilla del mundo,las maravillosas Torres del Paine.Me imagino que será una experiencia inolvidable la que realizaron los misioneros y misioneras que cumplen su misión aquí en la última ciudad más austral del mundo en donde la nieve es cada día más blanca ,en donde el viento sobrepasa los 100 km/hr en donde los días en tiempo de verano son muy largos y en invierno son muy cortos,me refiero a la ciudad de Punta Arenas.Espero y deseo que a la hermanita Harvey le haya encantado el paseo.