Monday, February 2, 2015

6 Months!!!

I completed 6 months of my mission this week!! How crazy is that?? That's a third of my mission and it is passing waay too fast!! 
This week we got to do lots of service for an in-active family that is moving into a neighboring ward.  We got to help them pack everything up and play with their kids at the same time!! :) Haha we packed up all of their toys and pretty much all of their kitchen.  That was fun :) And another thing that was fun was that we got to hear about all of the sins that the mother has committed in her life while we were in the process of packing up her kitchen.  It was quite interesting.  We have seen in multiple occasions this week that people find it easy to open up to the missionaries and they confide a lot of things in us that I am just not always quite so sure that they should be confiding in us!  Oh! And another great thing about serving in another country where you aren't completely fluent in the language is that you can't understand the profane language!! Haha it's funny because we'll be listening to people at times telling us their entire life story and they will say something like "Oh I'm so sorry... I shouldn't use words like that with you." And it's funny because neither Hermana Jenkins nor I have any idea what they said.  That is the protection of innocence if you ask me :) We can have people yelling profanities at us all day long and still have the Holy Ghost with us because we don't get it!! :) That makes me happy.
We went to this awesome cemetery that is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in the world and it was quite lovely :) It didn't really feel like a cemetery. Until we started looking at all of the pictures of the people who are buried there... That's creepy. :)
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!
--Hermana Harvey
Look! It's Hermana Harvey!

Our Hermanas Lideres and us at the cemetery!

We're walkin' on sunshine ooooooo... or on graves... that too.

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