Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 31

So much happened this week!!
First of all, we went to visit a reference that we received from another missionary named Maria Eugenia and she is an adorable little old woman!! :) haha she does yoga and gardens and talks about nature and the beautiful things of life in her sweet little voice :) haha she is Really receptive and has great questions about the things that we are teaching her!! :) We are so excited to be teaching her!!
On Wednesday we went to visit this little 96-year-old lady that we visit every now and then because she is lonely and it makes her happy to hear us sing.  She doesn't understand anything that we say so we can't teach her but I have confidence that she will accept our message in the next life.  But anyway, she kept telling me how pretty my scarf was when we went on Wednesday so i decided to give it to her.  You would Not believe her reaction.  She just about died. Seriously.  I think I should be more careful with her because she's 96!! I could have given her a heart-attack!! and she kept saying that she was going to go get some money to pay me for it but I told her, repeatedly, that it was a gift.  It made me so happy to see this little old lady so thrilled over something so tiny like a scarf! 
Another thing that happened was that we had transfers this week and one of the elders in our ward had to leave to go to Osorno to be closer to the mission because he is having problems with his foot and so he left on Wednesday but no one told the elders that a companion for Elder Lopez wouldn't be coming until YESTERDAY!! So Elder Lopez was ALONE having to be with members or elders in other wards for 4 days!! So that was hilarious for Hermana Jenkins and I! :) haha we're so mean.
AAND!! I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE BREAD!! And I don't even need a recipe :) Because they don't use recipe's or even real measurements here for anything!! it's really funny :P And now I'm like obsessed with making pan and want to make it every day and Hermana Jenkins has to keep me in line and help me to not make bread every night when we get home :P haha I just want to practice so I don't forget! haha plus it's just really fun the way that they make it here!! :) I learned how to kneed the bread by slamming it down on the table really hard to activate the gluten! :) I really enjoy it! :) 
We are teaching this 16 year old girl named Titi right now and she hasn't really opened up all that much to us... UNTIL THIS WEEK!! She told us her entire life's story about how she gained a testimony that god loves her and is listening to her prayers and was crying as she told us. Which is normal for us because everyone seems to cry when we go to their house haha but it wasn't like her because she's the type of person that does not like to show her emotions. And she told us that she knows that the Book of Mormon is the word of God! :) We are sooo excited for her!! :) 
Aaaaand Madeline and Gonzalo came to church on Sunday!! Madeline is an inactive member who hasn't gone to church for over 10 years and we are teaching her husband right now.  Gonzalo has changed sooo much since we have been teaching him! He has opened up to us so much and even opened up to Madeline and you can just see a new light in him and he is ALWAYS smiling now and he barely smiled at all when we first started visiting them!! AHH!! I am soo excited for them!! The gospel of Jesus Christ really does change lives!! 
I love you all so much!! Have a great week!!
--Hermana Harvey


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  1. By time you return home, you'll be as great a cook as your Mom!! When we were in Armenia, I had just bought a necklace, earrings, and ring set. On Sunday in Church a sweet little old woman was hugging me and my ring got caught in her scarf. I was having a terrible time untangling it when she said, "Well, I guess the Lord wants me to have this beautiful ring." So, of course, I gave it to her! Much better that you voluntarily gave away your scarf! Love ya, Sister G