Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 35

Hello Friends and Family!!
Remember that 96-year-old lady that I talked about before? The funniest things always happen when we go to her house!! She INSISTED that we had "once" with her the other day. (once is the meal that the Chileans have at night where they drink a hot drink (usually coffee or tea) and eat bread or crackers or sweet bread) She didn't have any herbal tea, only black, so we told her, it's okay, we'll just drink hot sugar-water. So that we did.  And then she was talking to us about her napkins and telling us that someone gave her these napkins with cupcakes pictures to her as a gift and that she didn't know how much that cost but she knows that they're really really expensive.  She said, "Take it... put it away... take care of it..." Well..., actually she said, "Tómalo... Guárdalo... cuídalo..." But that doesn't really directly translate to English.  I find it funnier in Spanish.

I don't know if I've already told you, but Madeline and Gonzalo finally have real dates for their wedding and Gonzalo's Baptism!! They will be getting married in our chapel on April 17th and he will be baptized on April 18th!! We are soooo excited for them!!! There are no words to describe the way that we feel!! 

Another miracle that we saw this week was that we helped one of our investigators understand as she read in the Bible.  It was really funny because she was saying that no one in her Bible study group could understand what was going on in a chapter that they were reading because there was a lot of symbolism and it didn't make sense to them.  We read it with her and didn't understand what it was saying either.  So we asked her if we could say a prayer to invite the spirit and then try to help her.  So we did and guess what... It was EASY for us to understand!! It is INCREDIBLE how the spirit can help us to understand things that through our own efforts, we have no hope of understanding!! That was a huge testimony builder to me!! That with the help of the Holy Ghost, two 19-year-old missionaries from the United States could understand more than an entire bible study group in Chile!! As Cambrea Van Kammen would always say, "The church is true, you guys!" :)

I love you all!! Talk to you next week!!

Hermana Harvey

Older pictures because my mom says she misses my face... Here ya go!! :) Sorry... I haven't been taking many pictures.
We made our own dessert one day at lunch! They eat a lot of fruit for dessert here.

A picture of us with two of our investigators (Luz and María) at a Family Home Evening

the sky is BEAUTIFUL in Punta Arenas!! But it's hard to get a good picture of it.

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  1. Love your pix! That last one is exquisite! But also love the ones of you and your family home evening group. Hope that lesson was fun and successful! What exciting things are happening to you and your investigators! Answers to many prayers! Love ya, Sister G