Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 42- Big Changes!

Hello friends and family!!!

Sooo I have been here in Punta Arenas with Hermana Jenkins for three transfers now... 4 and a half months... and now it is time for change.  Hermana Jenkins is headed to Equador which is a town inside of Osorno.  Her companion will be Hermana Wadsworth, who came to the mission the same time as me!! And I will be receiving a new companion.  AND YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHO IT IS!!! ..................HERMANA SNYDER!!! Yes, it's true. Hermana Snyder is going to be my companion AGAIN!!! :DD For those of you that don't know, Hermana Snyder and I were companions in the CCM (MTC)!! I am so excited to work with her again now that we're in the mission field and we can both speak Spanish and know what it means to be missionaries!! :D haha it's going to be a lot different to have her as my companion this time because we have both changed so much in these months that we have been in Chile! It's really weird because our district leader is also going to be with a companion who he was with before! He TRAINED his companion and now they're going to be together again! What is going on the the Chile Osorno Mission?!?! haha 

We've been visiting with Madeline and Gonzalo a lot and Gonzalo is still progressing a lot!! I love that family so much!! We are going to go over to their house today to spend p-day with them :) FUN!! Hermana Madeline taught me how to knit (I knew before but I forgot) so I made Hermana Jenkins a... Uhhhh... I forget what it's called..... Hermana Jenkins too.... she says "head wrap"? Uhhhhh.... it's like a beenie but only half of the beenie haha! And it has a flower and everything! :) haha I would send a picture but I don't have one. I'll have to take a picture of it to send it later :)

I have also noticed that I have an addictive personality. All I want to do when I get to the house at night is knit... it's like my bread stage that I passed through a couple months ago where I always just wanted to make bread... but now I just want to knit... haha yeah.. I'm weird... :P

Other than that... I really can't think of what to tell you guys because that's really all that's on my mind.

Love always,

Hermana Harvey

This is a mural that people made out of bottle caps on the wall in front of their house. Pretty, right? :D I like it.

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  1. I love that mural! Wonder how long it took them to not only save or gather the bottle caps, but to design it and create it! Amazing art! Looks like it is getting winter there with you bundled up in your coat and the cute cap. It is supposed to be getting summer here - but in the middle of May the temperature is hanging in at 70 degrees and windy. I certainly won't complain about the rain we've been having. It's a blessing. Will you have snow? Lova ya,Sister G