Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 40

Hello Friends and Family!! Gonzalo got Baptized!!! Ahhh!!! He was sooo happy!! Everything worked out perfectly this week! It's funny how when God knows that the people really are prepared to take this step into baptism, he lets everything just fall into place! :) Hermana Jenkins and I had fun cleaning out the baptizmal font, and then filling it up :) We pretty much spent all day on Saturday getting things ready for his baptism :) It was great!! haha I cannot even express in words how happy I am for him and for his family! He was literally glowing after his baptism and his confirmation! He said that going down into the water and coming back up was very fast but he felt like it went very slow. He could feel every moment and when he went down into the water, he was a different man than when he came up. He bore his testimony afterwards and the spirit was Super strong. He explained that as he was being baptized, he felt a burning in his chest and a happiness that he had never felt so strongly before. He testified that this church is true and that this was one of the best decisions that he has ever made in his life. I am so happy for Gonzalo and his entire family!! This covenant that he has made will continue with him for eternity and open the door for him to be with his family for eternity!! He now knows how to recognize the Holy Ghost or the Spirit testifying to him of the truth. That is the feeling that he had as he was baptized telling him that he is on the right path! :) I love this gospel and all of the blessings that I can see that it brings to my life and into the lives of the people that I have grown to love here in Chile!! I love you guys so much!! Have a great week!! Hermana Harvey
You know you're in Chile when.... You're walking home from lunch and there's just a random horse who likes to follow you. :)
The group from the invasion that we had in our ward! :)
Our ward is Ovejero (which means, pretty much, sheep herder) because of this monument called Ovejero! :)
You know it's starting to get cold when you can break pieces of ice off of the puddles outside!
This picture was taken before Gonzalo was baptized!! :) This is from Hermana Jenkin's camera... I have some pictures too but none of them turned out very good... you cannot trust Elders to take your pictures of you :P haha

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  1. So happy for you and Gonzalo and his family! Love you photos this week. Cute horse. Maybe he'll be transportation this winter thru the snow!