Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 72! (That's only 6 Monday emails left for those keeping score at home!)

Hello Friends and Family!

So, this week Elder Texeira came to visit our mission and taught us a LOT about how to be efficient and how to have success in the mission field! So we have been changing a LOT of things about the way that we work! Especially with talking to literally EVERYONE in the streets.  There are always soo many people and we have to separate ourselves at time (still being able to see and hear one-another but talking to different people) in order to talk to everyone! Sooo we have been talking to a LOT of people and finding a lot of new people to teach!!

Remember that little old lady that we're teaching named Elba? Remember how I told you guys that she's 95 years old! Weeell we invited her to be baptized and she accepted!! She is going to be baptized on January 16th! God really does prepare his children in every stage of life! She is such a sweet little lady and she says that she knows that she has to be baptized in order to live with God again after this life so she wants to take this step! Man... we really learn to LOVE the people that we serve here :)

I love you guys and I'm already out of time!! :)
Hermana Harvey
The members of our branch came to help us cut our grass!! :)  It took an army to cut that forest that we had :) Now it'll be easier the next time we try to cut it with school scissors! :)

Pictures from Hermana Medeiros' mom...

Hermana Medeiros made some Brazilian food for Madison.  I hope she teaches her to make it, so she can cook it for us when she comes home. :)

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