Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 12 (Week 6 in Chile)

Hello friends and family!!

My Spanish is getting better!! Wanna know how I know? I can barter prices (or however you would say talk people down in price...) in Spanish now! :) Which takes a lot of talking and understanding what is going on and the money system and everything. So it's pretty exciting! :) We went to these shops that they have here with a bunch of memorabilia types of things and I had lots of fun bartering :) It's called Angelmo if you want to search it on google to see where I have been :) Oh and my sector that I work in is Valle Volcanes if you want to look that up and see the streets that I walk on a daily basis :) We also go down to Pichi Pelluco at times to visit a few investigators down there who are women who live alone so the Elders can't visit them.  We have to go down the "questa" in order to get to Pichi and that isn't all that bad but getting back... It's a little tough haha  We also have to go down and back this... hill (i guess the questa is just called a hill in English) to get to church each Sunday.  So we probably go up and down this questa about 5 times a week sometimes more. 
This past week has been a lot of walking in a LOT of rain! I haven't been bringing my camera around with me because it has been raining so much that even with a covering for my backpack I am scared that it would get wet! So I don't have any great pictures for you this week.  It's funny because at times there isn't really all that much rain but we will be walking in it for hours so we are COMPLETELY soaked.  I actually find it pretty fun.  I love the rain!  Oh!! We saw a double complete rainbow when we were walking the other day!!  It was beautiful!! Wish I had had my camera to take a picture but now you're just going to have to believe me that it was beautiful :) 
We got a... referencia... from a girl about our age who was baptized just a couple months ago and is starting her papers to go on a mission!! She is so awesome and super sweet and I can tell she is going to make an AMAZING missionary!  The reference (I think that's the word in English... or referral? Yeah... that sounds right... referral) that she gave us is her older sister who is I think 23 and she is amazing as well! And she is really receptive to the things that we are teaching her and she told us that she has seen how happy the church has made her sister and that her sister told her about her experience with how she prayed and asked if these things were true and she received an answer that everything the missionaries had been teaching her was true! And Paula (that's our investigator's name) said that when she heard this all she could think was "wow!" Even when she was telling us about her sister´s testimony it was really powerful! So pretty much we have lots of investigadores de oro ahora!! (golden investigators right now) 
I am sooo happy out here!! Just a little scared because today we find out if we are being transferred... AHH! But most likely I will be in this sector for a good 6 months because Presidente Obeso is making a lot of changes and one of them is that we will be in our sectors for a lot more time.  Which is great! But also means it will be a lot harder to leave the sectors because I already LOVE our investigators and I don't know how I am going to be able to leave them! But I am so thankful that I have been able to meet so many amazing people and feel the spirit so strongly from each and every one of them!! I am so thankful that I am here because I am having so many wonderful experiences and really learning and growing every day.  I have learned soo much about myself while I have been here and I am just really learning how to grow in my faith and to be a much better person.. The mission is truly a humbling experience but in a great way! In the mission, it is easy to see all of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can build upon your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.  It's great! :) I have never been so close to the spirit in my life. Now I truly understand that the Holy Ghost can truly be our CONSTANT COMPANION! It makes sense now! I can feel it! He is with me in every moment to lead me and to guide me and I now cannot picture my life without this gift. I am so thankful that I was raised in this gospel so that I can know of the blessings that we can receive and the peace and the joy that comes with the knowledge of this gospel!

I love you all so much!!

--Hermana Harvey

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