Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 5 in Chile

Hello friends and family!! 

This was a big learning week for me.  I learned a lot about what it really means to be a missionary.  Ya know how before my mission I was really sensitive and had lots of emotions?  Yeah... there is something about being a missionary, my companion says that it is a gift that comes along with the responsibility of being a missionary, but you just feel things differently!  I can love someone after spending just one hour talking to them, and even before that! And really love them!  Not just want what is best for them but have a deep desire or even a need to help them to understand the happiness that they could feel.  There is no way to describe the feelings that a misisonary has during these two years or year and a half for us ladies, but just to say that we love more deeply than I have ever felt in my life.  And at time it hurts.  It physically hurts how many emotions we can have all at one time but at the same time we can feel more joy than we have ever felt in our lives!  This is what I learned this week.  We have lots of amazing investigators who really want to learn the truth and it is great!! But I would ask all my friends and family to pray for a few of them that are in need right now.
Here`s a list of names that you might include in your prayers if you could:
Cecilia and Christan
Javiera and Constanza 
Hermana Cecilia
Thank you guys so much!  

Another thing that is weird about Chile is that everyone is called by their first names in the church because the women don't change their names or something like that... I don't really understand it. But we call them Hermana Cecilia, Hermana Nuri, Hermano Christian, Hermana Camila y so on.  It's weird.  And harder to remember people's names because at home it's just remember the family's name but here there's more to remember!! Ahh! But I'll eventually get good with names :) None of them can remember my name anyway because it is sooo hard to pronounce let alone remember :) haha

I love you all so much!! 
Our Casa is beautiful :) And we have a space heater if we are dying of the cold :) But we also have blankets.  Warm blankets :)  We are definitely blessed to have this beautiful house considering the other houses we see.

Quiero vivir en una de estas casas!

Tunnel that we found on our hike :)

The little waterfall at the end of the tunnel!

pretty much, our mission is GORGEOUS.  We went on a little hike last monday and this was at the head of the trail.  This is a daily view for us.
The sunsets here are gorgeous.

Another sunset picture.  I think the clouds that we ALWAYS have make them more beautiful.

We did a little service by painting a house number for a family in our ward.  With the help of an Hermana in our ward.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your mission with us and the marvelous feelings and emotions of being a missionary. Will definitely pray for your investigators. Love the pictures!