Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 13

Hello friends and Family!!
This week has been great!! I have buried myself in the work this week and it just flew right by! But Spanish is a LOT better now.  We have had more time to study lately and it has really been helping! We are going to start English classes in the chapel every Saturday because there are soo many people that have been coming up and asking us if we can teach English. I am surprised by how many people here want to learn English. It's actually really funny.  So I've also been studying English!! Okay... Rather I've been studying how to teach English by studying Hermana Figeredo's (Another hermana who lives in our house) books to learn Spanish. It's actually pretty entertaining to see how they learn English and has been helping me a lot to understand not only how to teach but I have also learned things about Spanish in studying a English textbook for Spanish speakers :) It's pretty great haha
So pictures aren't working on this computer... Sorry! Next week!
Another thing that was great about this week was Ivonne!  She has so many great questions and honestly, if you were just listening to the questions that she has, you would think that she is trying to argue with what we believe but as we were teaching by the spirit, we could tell that she truly wanted to understand what it is that we are teaching her.  I also found that my favorite questions for people to ask are those that I do not have the answers to.  Strange right? Never would have thought it would be this way but the amazing thing about these questions is that it forces me to teach by the spirit and to bear testimony of the things that I do know.  I have found that when I don't know the answer to a question is often-times when I can feel the spirit guiding me and testifying through me the strongest! It is so great!! And all in Spanish!! I never would have though that with just six weeks in Chile I would be able to teach and testify with the power that we have as a companionship.  I have learned a lot of humility over the past few weeks because i know that when the spirit is testifying through me, and not when I am just trying to teach a lesson, is when the people can feel of the truthfulness of this gospel.  I LOVE being a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!
I love you all sooo much!!
--Hermana Harvey

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  1. Since there was no proselyting in Armenia, we taught English as a way to talk to people. Everyone wanted to learn English - the language of the internet! You are learning so quickly! We pray for you to have an abundance of the Spirit and for your investigators! Love ya, Sister G