Monday, November 17, 2014

A great (16th) week, with a visit from Elder Nelson!

Hello friends and family!!
So I realized that I don't usually talk about the little things that happen in my days that are funny... like when we are doing contacting in the streets and something funny happens... so I have a few stories to tell today about those things :)
We were walking to our meeting with the ward mission leader this Saturday and we were almost to the church building, going up this hill to the chapel, and this man stopped us and said "Hello! I'm Jesus Christ!"  I looked over to Hermana Paxman and she was just smiling at him and nodding her head and I thought... "does she understand what he just said?" Then the man continued with "Yes... I am Jesus Christ... and you are spies from the United States."  I though for sure by now Hermana Paxman would say something or at least look at me to let me know what to do but when I looked at her she was still just smiling and nodding her head!  So at this point I thought... okay... she doesn't know what's going on so I said, "no, actually we're here as missionaries to share a message about God and Jesus Christ." (which I now realize probably wasn't the best thing to say to a man who thinks he IS Jesus Christ) and he responded with "No, I am the only man who can preach about Jesus Christ be cause I am he!  The prophets of old testified of my coming and here I am!"  So what is our response to this bold statement? Of course, "Oh! Mucho gusto!" then we said we were sorry, we have to go to a meeting and we walked away.    Funniest thing ever!  And we don't even think he was drunk! He didn't smell like it.  So that was fun! :)
Then we were walking to an appointment the other day and this little boy came up to us (we think he was about 9-10 years old) with his arms high up in the air and said "Hey! Remember me?!"  We responded honestly saying that we didn't (because we know we would have remembered this little character) and said that he had probably talked with other missionaries.  He said yes and asked us if we would come to his house to read from the word of god with him (and that he has a book of mormon) and talk about how our message can bless the family because the family is very important to him.  But he also said he's very busy these days so he gave us a strict schedule of when we could meet with him.  Haha! So cute! Can't wait to go talk with him and share with him how the gospel can bless his family and read the words of God! :)   Oh, and he also said that when he's big, he's going to help us out and become a missionary just like us! Ahh! ¡¡Mi Corazón!!
So this week we had the chance to go to Osorno and hear from Elder Nelson!!! He was here!! In Chile Osorno!! I couldn't believe that I got to meet him right before I left for the mission and then got to hear from him again here in Chile!  I wanted to tell him that I was in the Lancaster stake when he went there when we went up to shake his hand but I lost my nerve because no one was saying anything other than "Hello, how are you?" and I didn't want to take up too much of his precious time.  But it was awesome!! And his wife was there too and she spoke.  Just want to let you all know that she is amazing!! I absolutely LOVED her talk!  She talked about how every second of our lives here is important and one of my favorite quotes from her talk was "The Savior is coming tomorrow. We just don't know which tomorrow.  So what are you going to do today to prepare for tomorrow?"  I love it because it is so true! Another thing that was interesting was that I was able to understand Elder Nelson and his wife while they were talking and also the translator!! It was pretty interesting but a little confusing at times because I was having a little bit of a hard time focusing on just one of them! But it was useful when I missed something that he said and I could just listen to the Spanish version :) 
So, más que nada, this week has been a huge spiritual high with lots of fun moments!!
I love you all so much and loving hearing from you!! Thank all for writing!! It really means a lot to a missionary!! :)
An awesome head-dress thingy that our ward mission leader had from a wedding he went to :)
Out of the window of the bus on the way to Osorno to hear from Elder Nelson!

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