Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 14

Hello Friends and Family!!
    This week has been great! Especially Halloween! First of all, it was super fun to see that the kids actually go out and do Trick or Treating here!! Or Dulce o basura ;) soo fun! So as we were out working there were a bunch of little kids in costumes banging on fences for candy" ! ;) so cute!  So that was super fun! And also this day we just had the spirit so strong in our lessons! I don´t know what was different about Halloween but we just were able to teach with more power and conviction and we had a member couple in one of our lessons and we invited our investigator to be baptized and he said that he was not ready yet and that he had a lot he needed to do to get ready before he would commit to anything and we were talking about the importance of acting on the things that he knows to be true and how if we do not act on our responses that we receive from the Lord, he will not continue to give us more knowledge and answers to our questions and as we were talking about this, this man that we had with us (who converted to the church about 5 years ago and now is a very strong and active member) bore his testimony on the importance of acting on the responses through sharing his experience with converting to the church and the spirit was so strong when he was speaking!  Still he said that he is not prepared to make this change in his life right now but I could feel that his heart was softened at least a little bit more through the testimony of this member! There are so many blessings that come when you have a member in your lessons! It is incredible! So family, friends, if you have the chance, I would like to invite you to go out with the missionaries! They NEED your help! Trust me... We as missionaries can Not do it alone! 
      We've been doing a lot of preparing this week because two of our investigators are being baptized on Thursday!  Javiera y Constanza! I am sooo excited for them!! Their parents are less-active members and they are 11 and 9 years old! The missionaries have been teaching them for quite a while and now if finally the time!! They are so ready and soo excited for their baptisms!  Whenever we ask them any questions at all about the gospel their response is ALWAYS to go to church on Sundays and be baptized so that they can be "limpiasita" or clean (in a cute way) . haha I love it! AHHH! So exciting!!  I hope you all have a great week!
--Hermana Harvey
Our district right before our last transfers!

Had lunch with Familia Canales and this was our "ensalada" a tomato stuffed with ground beef

Javi and Coni! the two girls who are going to be baptized on Thursday (sooo exciting!) with pictures of the world that they drew because we were talking about the creation!

Chile at sunset in our sector!

I made the cinnamon rolls! They were delicious!!

My companion and I pretty view from up en el campo.  We went up here for a lunch appointment and the member who we ate with took the picture for us!

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