Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 18

Hello friends and family!
This week has been pretty gosh darn crazy!!  Don't have time to tell everything but I'll try to give you an idea of what's been going on here :)  So we celebrated Thanksgiving just us four Hermanas when we got back to our house from 10:00 until our bedtime at 11:00! It was very fun :) I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner little by little throughout the week and we surprised Hermana Smoot with having everything prepared to celebrate! Because she wasn't going to celebrate it (so sad...) But it turned out great!! And we even found pie at the store!! Which was delicious! :)  Hermana Paxman and I also decided that it was a great idea to take pictures with every single dog that we walked past in the streets on Thanksgiving day!! Haha we gave up after a while because first of all, there are a LOT of dogs!! And second of all, it started raining so we were afraid for our cameras. But I'll try to send at least one of the pictures :)  
Another think that was insane about this week was that Hermana Paxman had her "final interview" with the mission president (Which they called to inform us about 10 minutes after she was already supposed to be there. That was an adventure all of it's own) and in her interview President told her about what my transfer is!! I am going to be staying here in my sector, but I will also be in the sector of the other missionaries in my house! We're combining the sectors because there aren't enough hermanas!! And not only that but I will be in a trio as of Wednesday! Ahh!! Hermana Smoot, who lived in my house in the CCM and now in my house here in Valle Volcanes and will now be my companion!! :D Our entire missions together so far!! And I don't remember the name of my other companion :/ But she is from the Dominican Republic.  Fun!  Sooo pretty much I'm freaking out a little bit because we are going to have a MOUNTAIN of investigators to teach and a HUGE sector soo lots of walking but I am soooo excited!! I can already feel that this is going to be an amazing cambio and that we are going to be working soo hard!! Ahh!! I can't wait to meet my other companion!! :)
Oh!! And we went to Volcán Osorno today!! :D  Don't have time to send many pictures but it was super fun!! There's hardly any snow this time of year but we missionaries managed to find some and to have a good long war :) Super fun! 
I'm already pretty much out of time but I love you guys soo much!! And I want you to know that I'm working hard over here!  :)
--Hermana Harvey


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