Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 21

Merry Christmas, Friends and Family!!
So one thing that has been different about this week is that for the holidays, there are a LOT of people on cruises which means lots of people passing through that speak English!! I just helped a lady from Australia with her computer because she didn't know how to work it in Spanish.  And the yesterday we ran into a couple who said, "Hey, Sisters!" And started asking us about what they could do for fun around here.  We had no idea... because we're missionaries so we don't really have time for the fun things here haha but it was interesting talking to someone in English... And really really weird. 
One more funny story very quickly... we were walking to an appointment this week and my skirt likes to ride up to show the bottom of my slip every now and then and we were walking through a busy part of town and I looked down and realized that my skirt had ridden up to the point that you couldn't even see my skirt anymore!! It was under my jacket and I basically was only wearing a slip!!!! AHHHH!! I do not understand how it is possible that I was walking with my slip showing for so long for it to get to that point!! And I have TWO companions!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?? haha So that was fun. :)
Thank you Sister Gardner for you letters!! I love reading them!! :) And it is always really fun to receive letters from home!! 
Love you guys!!! :) 
--Hermana Harvey
We had an activity where we had lunch and sang christmas songs in the center of town with all the missionaries in our area (which was lots of missionaries).  This is us with Hermana Obeso (wife of our mission president) :)

Holding a chick at a member's house!

Feeding a goose in at the same member's house!


  1. You're very welcome! The letters will continue to come as long as you are there! Are you barefoot in the grass feeding the good?? Merry Christmas - Love ya, Sister G

  2. At least you had on a slip. Seems like most women don't even own a slip anymore. lol