Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 20

Hello friends and family!!
This week has been amazing!! We have been working super hard because there is Soo much to do and there is just not enough time to do it all!! I want you to know that change is good!! Even though it may be a little hard at first, when things change, that is when you are able to see the biggest of miracles!! Oh!! And guess what!! I spoke in church yesterday!! Gave my first ever real talk in Spanish!! And I don't think it went bad at all.  I think I'm actually a lot more comfortable talking about spiritual things in Spanish than I am in English!! I spoke on the importance of taking upon us the name of Jesus Christ when we are baptized and our responsibility that we have after we take upon us this covenant.  Everyone told me that my talk was "clarito" or ,pretty much, that they could understand me.  Oh! another thing that is funny about Chile, at least Southern Chile... is that everything is "-ito."  They put -ito on the end of everything in order to make it small... even God... A lot of people call him Diosito. haha! I find it pretty hilarious!! I'm already out of time!! But I love you so much!! OH!! And everything's working out with the divorce of the "C" family so they'll probably be able to be married and baptized next month!!! :DDD I am sooo excited!! A long long process but it is all working out.  And I want you to know I LOVE my companions.  I learn so much from Hermana Smoot and Hermana Bretón EVERYDAY!! Wow... this email was all over the place.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
--Hermana Harvey
Here is one of our dog pictures! I find this one to be funny.  First of all because there are three dogs at once and second of all because they were all very loving.

Ivonne and her family! She's an investigator that we have and she found out that Hermana Paxman was leaving and that her birthday was coming up and she threw her a surprise party!!

At Volcán Osorno. My nametag and Volcán Calbuco.

our district right before Hermana Paxman and Hermana Figuredo left

In Osorno... we had to go out there to do some tramites... (I don't know how to say that in English...) me, Hermana smoot, and Hermana Bretón. (Side note from Mom- I said "Did you get a new dress? That's cute!" She said "One of the other missionaries left that dress in the house.  The missionaries leave a lot of clothes behind so we find lots of fun stuff :)" I just found that funny.)

In osorno with a Christmas tree :) haha

Here are a couple pictures of our group of missionaries at Volcán Osorno!!

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  1. Love the pix! Love that you already can't think and speak everything in English. Praying for you and your companions and your investigators! Merry Christmas! Hope your Card arrives before Valentine's day! Love, Sister G