Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 26!!!! (Hermana Harvey isn't counting, but for those of us keeping score at home, that's 1/3 through folks!!!)

This week has been pretty great. We are working really hard right now to try to find new investigators to teach and we have been teaching a lot of people just in the streets and at their doorsteps.  I feel like great things are going to happen this cambio, we just have to work REALLY hard to help them come! We have a recent convert who we are teaching who is from Kansas and it is really strange because we always teach him in English because he understands it better and I have come to realize that there are a lot of things that I don't know how to explain about the gospel in English!! And it's really hard for me to pray in English! That's probably the hardest part!!
We came across this less-active member in the street the other day with her two kids! She stopped us and said! "Hey! Are you missionaries!? My son said that you guys came by my house and I wasn't home. When can you come by??" And, of course, we were a little bit (or a lot bit) surprised, but we set up an appointment to visit with her the next week!! Now we've gone over to visit her a couple of times and we are going to have a Family Home Evening with them tomorrow with another family in our ward!! They are amazing!! Just a little reluctant to get up in the morning... Just like a lot of the other Chilenos... That's why we have so many less-actives here.  But I'm really excited to go visit them again! Their kids are CRAZY but super fun :) so a Family Home Evening will be great!!
Love you guys so much!!
Hermana Harvey

This is my district. Two of the elders live on this island really far away so they can't take a boat for hours every week to come to our district meetings so we just skype them in!

Hermana Jenkins and I have the same shirt from the CCM!! :)

This is just, ya know, part of my sector here.  It's not gorgeous or anything.

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