Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 36- Winter's a comin'!

It has been getting cooler here in Punta Arenas!! I feel like summer went by way too fast for a couple of reasons!! First of all... because that means that I almost have 9 months in the mission!! That's half of my mission!! NOOO!!! It's going by too fast!!! And second of all.... it's cold!!!! REALLY COLD in Punta Arenas.  It really wouldn't be all that could if it weren't for the fact that there is still a lot of frozen wind (but not quite as much as before) and a lot more rain/snow that blows in your face and down your jacket! Sooo Hermana Jenkins and I are preparing ourselves for winter!! We found out today that we will be together for another 6 weeks!! :DD whooo!! Which means that we will both be able to be here for the marriage and baptism of Gonzalo!!! whoooooo!!! :DD
So they have this think called churipan here in Punta Arenas which is chorizo (their chorizo is different here... less hot and more of an orange color instead of red...) and mayo on bread and it is delicious!!! One of our recent converts, Araceli, wanted to go to get some but we couldn't so we decided to make it! And it was a great success!! :) Not only did we make it but we made it ALL!! I made the bread and the chorizo and Araceli made the mayo!! I didn't even know that you could make mayo!! haha but it was really good!! :) I think it would be even better with the chorizo from the United States though :) AAANNND We got to share with her mom and grandma who are non-members and gain a better relationship with them and then share with them the video of "He Lives" (which is AMAZING) and talk to them about what it really means that Christ lives!! It was great!! :)  Hopefully we can share more with them in another moment!! 
We got to watch General Conference in ENGLISH!! :) It was great to hear the real voices of our prophet (even if we didn't get to hear much from him) and our apostles and other leaders of the church!! I loooove General Conference!! It's like Christmas for the missionaries!! :)) It's a little bit ironic that I had to watch it in Spanish 6 months ago when I didn't understand much of anything in Spanish and this time, now that I understand, we got to watch it in English.  The Lord works in funny ways.  It was great because we had a room FULL of missionaries from the United States plus three members from our ward who speak English!! :) Our neighbor, Bianca, who is 19 and studying to be an English teacher, our ward mission leader who is 21 and speaks English and German, and our recent convert, Niblado, who is from Kansas.  There are more English-speakers in this sector than I have seen in my entire mission!! It was great :)
Easter was fun :) We had lunch with a family in the ward and ate chicken and french fries and Bianca and another Hermana in our ward gave us chocolate eggs!! Fun fact about Chile... they don't dye eggs... a few people pain eggs made out of sugar with some special paint but no one even had any idea that we dye real eggs in the United States! They thought we were insane when we told them haha so funny! 
I love you guys so much!!
Hermana Harvey

Look!! We saw horses!! Just ya know... walkin' around in our sector... haha
Soooo... tried to make cake last P-day and this was the result... I burnt my finger trying to look at it in our little-tiny "oven" and dropped it!! :( sad, sad day.

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