Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 38

Hello Friends and Family!

Thank you all for the emails this week and all of the Birthday wishes!! I know I'm going to have a great Birthday tomorrow because my ward here in Punta Arenas is amazing and they spoil us even on normal days!! They even announced my birthday yesterday in Relief Society!! So I'm going to be well taken care of and Hermana Jenkins says that she is going to make me a cake! So we won't be having another cake fail for my Birthday :)

So, I remember that right before I left on my mission, my dad told me that I had to remember that the miracles always follow the trials (or something like that :))  These last couple weeks have been a testament to that statement. The week before last was one of the hardest of my life but this week we saw many miracles!! On Tuesday, we both received priesthood blessings for comfort and council and I could immediately feel the power of the priesthood working in me to help me overcome this hard time and we got soo excited about the work.  We felt a different power in our teaching and felt the guidance of the Holy Ghost telling us exactly what it was that we had to do!! We received soo much guidance from the Spirit and didn't do ANYTHING that we thought we should do... every time that we thought we should do something, we prayed and asked God and EVERY time (sad how we as humans have no idea how to make our own decisions haha) we were guided in another direction! Everything has turned out great!! I know that everything that has happened has happened for a reason and Gonzalo is VERY excited to be baptized on May 2nd!! :) That is going to be such a beautiful day!! :) We are sooo excited for him!!

Madeline and Gonzalo got married on Friday!!! :DDD They are so happy about this choice that they made to be married to keep the commandments of God!! They told us that they feel something different about their lives now... like it's a new start. Like everything is a first and that they can just start fresh!! We explained to Gonzalo that he will feel that same way but much more after he is baptized on May 2nd! He is soo excited and so are we!! :) It is so true that we can really only start to understand complete joy after we have passed through trials and the greater the trial, the greater the joy afterward!! That's what Hermana Jenkins and I are feeling right now!!! 

I love you guys so much!! Thank you for all of your emails, support, and prayers!! :) You guys are the best!!

Hermana Harvey

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  1. Yes, it is amazing that we think we have things figured out on our own and we can handle it when that often really isn't the case at all! It's wonderful that you've discovered the Spirit can guide you in so many different directions than you would have taken. Think of all the good you are doing that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't listened to the Spirit. And Thank Heaven for priesthood blessings! Not only can they make a difference in life and death, but in life being so much better. What incredible experiences you are having! Love ya, Sister G