Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 39!!!! Hump Day!!!!!

So these past couple weeks we have been doing these things that we like to call "invasions" where all of the missionaries and the members of the ward go to one sector and we knock on doors and talk to the people and set up appointments and find less-active members or people who were listening to the missionaries before and just help with the work in that area!! It is so great!! We have had soo much success doing that!! We have done it in 3 wards now and by the end of the night, there are always LOTS of new people that are interested to learn and we see so many miracles!! I am so excited about it because we're going to do it in our ward this Sunday!! :DD I'll let you know how that goes next week! :) We did some service painting a young woman in our area's room this week and now we are sharing the Gospel with her and her roommates!! She's 20 also and her roommates are 19 and 20. They are really receptive and said that they would love to come to church with us this weekend!! :DD So I'll let you know how that goes too! :) We've been focusing on working with the members of our ward this week and we have seen a HUGE difference in our lessons!! The spirit is more strong and the testimonies and explanations that the members give are a HUGE help!! We especially saw this in one of our lessons where we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation to one of the young women in our ward who was recently baptized (Araceli) and we invited another young woman in our ward who was recently baptized (Paulina) !! :) The spirit was SUPER strong, the lesson flowed naturally, Hermana Jenkins and I worked better together as a companionship in our teaching, and Araceli and Paulina both bore fervent testimony of the truthfulness of the message that we were sharing!! It was soo great!! I love working with the members!! It truly makes all the difference in missionary work!! I love you all so much!! Sorry I haven't sent any pictures lately.. I'll try to be better!! I take pictures.. just don't have time to send them!!! Hermana Harvey

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