Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 58

Hello Friends and Family!!

Everything is still going great with the members here in my ward! They're still super excited to go out and work with us and that is going to be a HUGE blessing this week.  We had one day that we had 3 members come with us to our appointments and also to talk with people in the streets and it was great! We were with members ALL DAY! And they were all different members! :) 

This week, we weren't able to leave to work for two days because Hermana Marinho was having a lot of problems with her knee.  It hurt so bad that she couldn't walk at all and she had to put all of her weight on me just to be able to get back to the house.  So we spent a couple of days in the house.  After two full days of pain, Hermana Marinho decided to call President Obeso and let him know what is going on with her and to ask for his help in knowing what she should do.  We then talked to the mission nurse and she told us that Hermana Marinho can't leave to work at all this week.  So I'm going to be working a lot with members this week while Hermana Marinho stays with our mamita and tries to get better!  I know that God has other plans for us lots of times, but lots of times, the plans that he has for us are pretty gosh darn hard.  But I know that we are going to be seeing LOTS of miracles now that we are ALWAYS going to be with members in order to work! :)

Other big news!!! We had a lesson with an investigator that the Elders had decided not to teach anymore because he wasn't progressing.  (We didn't know that they had decided not to teach him anymore because we came here in a white wash and we just saw his name in our area book and decided to pass by his house.) We talked about the Book of Mormon and how he could know if our message is true if he reads it and prays about it. Then he told us that he already knows that it is true.  He had received his answer little by little, but he knows that it is true.  We then talked a little bit about baptism and invited him to be baptized this month. He said yes! So we invited him to say a prayer right then and there and ask God what day he should be baptized.  (we were thinking maybe in 3 weeks.... or 4...) He looked up at us and said.. "I'm thinking Saturday...  Not the day after tomorrow but next week.  I think it's the 12th, right?"  I think we were in shock and all that we could get out of our mouths in this moment was "uh huh." Haha so we organized his baptismal interview and everything and he was interviewed on Saturday and will be baptized this following Saturday!! Wow!! He was so prepared!! He was just waiting for someone to ask!!

Have a great week!

Hermana Harvey

Hermana Marinho got to see the sea lions today!

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  1. Love those happy smiles! (The seals are cute, too.) With challenges come blessings so I'm sure you will be blessed to be working with members as they catch the wonderful spirit of missionary work! Hopefully that Spirit will spread throughout your area! Love ya, Sister G