Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 61

Hey Friends and Family!

Llanquihue is BEAUTIFUL!! I love it here!! And our branch (it's not even a ward) here is AWESOME!! It is more than twice as big as the WARD that I was in in Valdivia.  The members here are soo willing to help us! So not much change there haha but I am soo excited to work with the members here!! On Sunday, it was cool because we brought a calendar for the sisters to sign up to go out to visit people with us and we just had to hand it over to the Relief Society President and she told us that there is a sister in charge of helping us find people to go out and work with us! WHAT? How awesome is that?? And they have the goal in this ward that each of the sisters are going to think of a referral and that they not only give us the referral but they come with us to visit them! They introduce us and teach with us in the first lesson! I have never been in a ward with so much member-support and this is a BRANCH! I am so excited.

Our sector is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL!! I honestly feel like I'm in some sort of paradise.  There is a huge lake (Lake Llanquihue) and on the other side of the lake there are two huge volcanoes :) it's gorgeous! I cannot even close to describe how gorgeous it is here and the pictures don't get even close to capturing the beauty.  But I can tell you that I just feel super peaceful here.  Like you can feel that it's a good place and that there are lots of miracles waiting for us here. I'm so excited!

Hermana Alvarez is amazing!  She is so sweet and humble.  I love working with her!! She is from Chile!! Northern Chile in a city called Quintero.  So she is teaching me a lot!! :) I just know that I am going to learn a LOT more from her than she is ever going to learn from me!  It's refreshing being with a companion who is just starting her mission because she is so excited about the work!  We have been running around everywhere trying to find new people to teach and trying to get to all of our appointments on time in our HUGE area! :) haha It's great!

The other day, we went to teach a lesson with a sister in our ward named Hermana Carrillo.  She had a referral for us named German so we went together to meet him! Hermana Carrillo explained him why she wanted him to listen to us and bore her testimony about the way that this gospel has blessed her life and explained a little bit about our message and invited him to church and to keep listening to us! I can just feel that German is going to understand and accept our message!!

I love you guys so much!!

Hermana Harvey

So there are these awesome swans on the lake. I guess Llanquihue is famous for these swans.  There are two volcanoes behind me... You can't see them because of the clouds but they are gorgeous! And yes, they are active :) haha one of them is the one that erupted a few months ago.  But don't worry, nothing happened here when it erupted! Amazingly, the ash didn't even get here in Llanquihue.
These pretty wood sculptures are all over the place in Llanquihue.

More wood statues

By the lake. Gorgeous!

Walking the line by the lake! :)

Las Hermanitas!! That's us! This is a little store close to our house :)

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