Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 59

Hello Friends and Family! 

This week, as you know, Hermana Marinho wasn`t able to leave the house because of her knee pain.  So I had LOTS of companions!! :) I'll have to take pictures this week with each and every one of my companions because I had a different companion every day!! Like 6 different sisters! :) It was great!! We have seen lots of miracles while working so much with the members!! 

Cesar got baptized this week!!! :) The baptism was beautiful!! Cesar is a little bit different from the rest of our ward, his personality is just different, so we were all really surprised when he showed up to church yesterday wearing a SUIT!! It was amazing!! And he looked so happy!! He was nervous to be confirmed because he doesn't like being in front of so many people because he's very shy but he said that afterwards, he felt at peace and knew that he had made the right decision! He us now praying to know if he should serve a mission!! :) He's 23 so he still has time to decide!! 

We have also been working a lot with in-active members! It is awesome because all of the members who go out to visit with us know where they live and it's a lot more likely that they accept us in their home if they see an old friend.  So we visited some members that haven't gone to church in YEARS one of these families came to church yesterday and last week and another family that hasn't come to church in about 10 years came to Cesar´s baptism!! It was so great!! :) We are seeing lots of miracles here in Barrio Holzapfel and we will be seeing lots more!! :)

Hermana Harvey

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