Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 63

Hello Friends and Family!!

We have had another great week here in Llanquihue!!  Osme has been doing great!! He is so excited about his baptism on the 31st! He's really committed to this day and we're already getting everything ready so that we won't be running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the last minute.  We have been teaching him ALL of the lessons to prepare him for baptism this week! Which are a lot of lessons! So it has been really fun to get to know him and his family better this week!! They live on a cow farm just outside of town and we love going there!! We get to cross the farm and talk to the cows every time we go to visit them :) It's rather amusing.  And it is GORGEOUS up there!!  One funny thing that happened up there is that Osme decided that he needed to cut his grass so he went and opened up the gate so all of the pregnant cows came onto into his yard and they ate his grass and left it perfect! As if he had worked for hours with a lawn mower.  And her wife, Mariluz told us that it works great because not only do they cut the grass perfectly but they also fertilize it at the same time! :) How convenient!  Then we had the great experience of watching as Osme did his job... he killed a baby calf...  and we watched the whole process. It was so sad!! But it was really interesting to see how it all works!

Yesterday in church, the primary asked us to come to help teach the kids about how to be a missionary and specifically how to talk to people in the street.  So we told them that, first of all, when you are a missionary, you have to say hello to EVERYONE that you see in the street.  Second, you can either offer them a pass-along card or you can offer your service if they need it.   (obviously, this was a very short version of what we do when we talk to people in the street).  Then, we gave each kid a pass-along card and went to work! :) We walked down the street with about 10 primary children all yelling "HOLA!! HOLA!!!" to every single person that they saw, no matter how far away they were or if they were inside of a bus or car :) They even yelled Hola at all of the dogs that they saw in the street :) And each and every one of them gave their pass-along card to someone! :) It was great!! THAT is how to do missionary work! :)

I love you guys lots!! :) Have a great week!! 

Hermana Harvey

The laguna that's about 2 minutes from our house (walking, as always).

I taught my companion how to chop wood :)

Walking to an appointment.... Ya know... just an every-day stroll through the cow farm.  Haha Osme, our investigator who is going to get baptized on October 31st lives on a cow farm in the country soo we get to come here often and it's gorgeous!

and this is the view from his house.  I looove the volcanos. Gorgeous! There are two volcanoes there... Osorno and Calbuco.  Calbuco is the one that looks more broken up because it errupted a couple months ago.

The city below from the cow farm

This is Osme's house.
He put up a good fight little guy...  but by this point, he already knew what was coming

Aaaand we looked away when he committed the crime.  


And he ended up here. Being smoked.

I know... I'm awful

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  1. Not awful - awfully brave! Loved your letter and pictures! What a beautiful area you are in! Please follow up on your missionary lesson and let us know if any of your new little missionaries were able to bring anyone to the gospel! Love ya, Sister G
    p.s. I mailed your letter without a note as I'm still not using my right hand very much.