Monday, October 5, 2015

Milagros en Llanquihue!

Hello Friends and Family!

So this week we set the goal as a zone that we were going to write down all of the little miracles that happen every day to be able to recognize them and feel more excited about our missions.  So we have been! And it is amazing how miracles just come out of the wood-works when you are really looking for them! We saw miracles all the way from dogs leaping out of their yards and NOT biting Hermana Alvarez's leg off to little old ladies working in their gardens who are interested in listening to our message.  (which you would be amazed how many there are here in Llanquihue)

One thing that happened this week that was super funny was that Hermana Alvarez is still learning how to contact people in the streets... So I decided that I was going to stop contacting every person and let her have a chance to do it for herself. Sooo we walked past a man who was sitting on his bike waiting for another man to leave his house and Hermana Alvarez stopped in front of him and just looked at him for a while (obviously waiting for me to say something) and then, not being able to think of anything else to say, she said, "¿Cómo se llama?" Haha I found it sooo funny that I almost couldn't control myself.  I couldn't even talk so I just waited and let her talk to him.  He smiled and told her his name then Hermana Alvarez invited him to General Conference and he said he might go. haha It was probably one of the most awkward contacts that I have seen but I am so proud of Hermana Alvarez and she was super happy with herself :)  So that was super fun!

We have been teaching a man named Juán and he has been progressing a lot!! We had a lesson with him and a sister named Hermana María and it went really well!! He is scared to be baptized because his family doesn't like the "mormons" and they all seem to be turning against him because he has been listening to us and coming to church with us... soo that makes it hard for him.  He also lost his wife a few years ago and she was Evangelic so he doesn't know how she would feel about him getting baptized in another church.  So we shared with him about the simple truth that families can be together forever and that it is only through the sacred covenants or promises of baptism that we can get to that point.  Hermana María then shared an experience of when her husband passed away a little over a year ago and she met the missionaries a couple of weeks after he passed away.  She explained that as soon as she heard the message, she knew that it was true and that when she was baptized and received the Holy Ghost, she was filled with a joy that she can't even explain.  She still missed her husband a lot because she loved him so much but she felt that the Holy Ghost was holding her up when she couldn't for herself.  That is what this gospel offers us.  We can have the strength to withstand the trials of this world.  And that is exactly what Juán needed to hear at this point in his life. 

We also had a lesson with Osme, our investigator who is going to be baptized on October 31st.  He is soo prepared! He told us that he wrote down the date of his baptism and put it on his door to remind him that he has to do all of the things that we ask him to do so that he can be prepared for that day so that someday he can be sealed in the temple with his family for eternity!! I am so excited for him!! His wife and two kids are already members. They got baptized a year ago in December and the time has now come for Osme also.

I love you guys so much!

Hermana Harvey
We bought firewood! Whoo!!

And we had to bring it all in ourselves.

It was a lot of firewood. 

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