Monday, October 26, 2015

Lots of experiences with the.... Evangelics?

Hola familia y amigos!!
We found Hugo again!! We passed by his house yesterday and it was raining a LOT and we were soaking wet but he still let us in! :) He had even more questions for us and, honestly, the gospel of Jesus Christ has the answer to EVERY ONE of his questions!! I know that when people are really prepared to receive the gospel, God puts the right questions in their minds.  He read the pamphlet that we left with him and he also invited his mom (Who is VERY Evangelic to read it) and she said that she would! Wow!! But it was funny because when we met his mom, we were ending our lesson and were going to end with a prayer.  So I explained how we pray in the church of Jesus Christ, and emphasized that when we pray, only one person prays at a time and all of the other people listen and at the end, we say amen.  But I don't think she understood very well because she said "okay, you can guide the prayer then." and when I started to pray, she started praying too.  and when I finished praying, she said, "ohh! that was short!" Now I'll give my prayer and we all had to stop in our path as we were already packing up our backpacks to leave and listen to the surprise-prayer that she gave.  It was really funny. Even Hugo was smiling at us like " I know. My mom's funny. 
There are a lot of "Evangelics" (¿? I don't really know what they're called in the US) here so we teach a lot of crazy lessons haha another example of this is a lesson that we had this week with an investigator named Patricia.  Everything was going well until her husband got home.  haha He is VERY religious and when he saw us there, he went straight for his guitar! He sat down on the couch and, in the middle of us explaining the plan of Salvation, he began to play the guitar and sing very loudly about his love for God.  And, to our surprise, the rest of his family of 6 shortly joined in and our lesson about the plan that God has for us shortly turned into an evangelic worship service.  haha So that was fun :) We just ended with a prayer and left.  But it was fun!  There are about 2-3 "Evangelic temples" on every street here in Llanquihue soo we're going to have a lot of investigators like these :)
I love you guys so much!! Have a great week!!
Hermana Harvey

Sorry... no pictures because I had to write in another place today and I don't want to viruses on my SD card. 

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  1. Loved the pix of the clock house in last week's e-mail which I just barely read. Sounds like life is exciting every day and a new adventure awaits at each door that you knock! Praying that these evangicals will see the light and listen to the truth! Love ya, Sister G