Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 75! (3 more to go!)

Hello Friends and family!!
We had a crazy week! In the end, we have had looots of problems with our new apartment that we are moving into today because.... just our luck... we found out that the man who is renting us the apartment is a crooked government worker who has robbed LOTS of money from everyone in Llanquihue.  He's still under interrogation but EVERYONE apparently knows that he is guilty and let's just say he has a reputation of not being all that kind. Buuuut the apartment is beautiful so we're just going to enjoy it and make sure that the contract that he signs is REALLY detailed so that nothing bad happens :) So that's fun. Who knew I would be able to learn so many crazy things on my mission?
With the goal of our zone to invite EVERYONE to be baptized this week, we have had some AMAZING lessons in which 2 new investigators accepted baptismal dates! :) Mirian and Yoconda are both going to be baptized on Febuary 6th!! Whoo!! :) I'm so excited for them! We have had a very successful week, teaching everyone that we could gett into contact with in the streets or in their houses or wherever in the world we found them! :)
After we got to the apartment at 9:30 PM, everything was normal and we planned for our day today and then went to call our leader at 10:00 and realized that we didn't have our cell phone... oops... my bad :/  I think I dropped it in a colectivo when I went to pay the driver... soooo we were freaking out a little bit because we had no way to contact ANYONE and above all, we would be moving in the morning and HAVE to talk to people about that to coordinate everything... so we weren't all that happy.  So... we just went to bed, not having anything else to do when I started hearing voices and heard a woman outside say "no, I don't have keys.  There are no lights, I think they're sleeping." I was freaking out at this point because my companion sleeps like a ROCK (literally... like a rock) so I was alone thinking that there was someone trying to break into our apartment so I locked the door to our room and prayed then went to bed... in the morning, I was in the shower when I heard someone run up our stairs and start baning on our door yelling, "HERMANAS! HERMANAs!" so my companion yelled and asked who it was and she responded that she was Jovita, a recent convert in our branch, so she opened the door and i hurried and dried off and put my clothes on and when I got out, hermana Medeiros was talking on the phone and saying that we had lost the phone and telling exactly why.  Apparently, our zone leaders and the members of our branch had been trying to get ahold of us all night long and we weren't answering our door because I was too scared to think reasonably soooo I had to answer to our zone leaders and the President's assistants this morning who all thought that we had died and were having a heart-attack.  Soooo the moral of the story is don't lose your cell phone... the mission is going to think that you died a terrible death!
I love you guys!!
Hermana Harvey
photos: Our new apartment!

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  1. Yes, very nice apartment! Whoops on the cell phone and not answering the door. We had the same thing happen in Armenia - we got home late from somewhere and got into bed when someone pounded on our door. Looked through the peephole and saw it was a young Armenian but thought it was someone who just wanted money. We had a lot of people climb those five flights of stairs because they knew the Americans who lived there had money and sometimes gave a handout. So we went back to bed. In the morning, he knocked again and this time we answered - we had left our keys in the door! It was actually the young man who lived across the hall with his mother and I didn't recognize him through the distorted peephole. We learned we needed to trust. Enjoy these last few weeks! Love, Sister G