Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 78 - My Last Group Email! So many mixed feelings!

Hello Friends and Family!

So, it has been a pretty crazy week full of adventures!! We found a new investigator named Enrique who is atheist (sp? ateo).  It was really funny because we had a member come with us to one of our lessons with him this week and when we were about to walk in, I realized that I had forgotten to tell her that he is atheist so I told her real quick as we walked in the door and she looked at me like "Are you kidding me?" then we sat down and were talking for a while when she looked at him like he was an animal in the zoo and said "Can I ask you something?"  He responded that she could and the sister who was with us said "Are you REALLY atheist? I have never met one before and didn't know that they really existed." Then he said that yes, he really is and that they are normal people just like everyone else, just with different ideas.  Haha it was so funny. She looked so shocked! 

We had exchanges this week with the sister leaders and I was with Hermana Smoot :) It was fun getting to talk to her about what we're going to do when we get back home and about our families and everything. We spoke a LOT of English... Okay... so it may have been Spanglish but still... I got some practice in :) I am so excited to see you guys and tell you about all the crazy things that have happened in my mission that I haven't been able to share in the short time that we have to write every week.  

We had a branch activity that was AWESOME! We separated ourselves out into 3 different teams... Chile, Argentina and Colombia and we played a bunch of games and did lots of sports and singing games and everything and the craziest thing that happened in this activity was at the end, my companion and I went to participate in a bindfolded trust competition so they blindfolded me and I had to follow her voice and everything went super quiet.  When we got to the "finish line" where I had to sit down in a chair, I took off the blindfold and all of the branch had gathered together and they started singing a song that I don't even know haha but it was something to say goodbye to me... They threw me a going-away-party!  A couple of members sang a song they had prepared for me and they did some typical Chilean dances and one typical Chilean tribal dance that is especially for saying goodbye (they pulled me in to dance in that one too) and they had prepared a video for me using pictures from my blog and also videos of my converts talking and thanking me and also videos of my family!! I could not believe it!! I WAS SO SHOCKED!!!  I have soooo many feelings.  Now I understand the true meaning of the phrase "mixed feelings." haha Thank you for your videos. I love you guys so much.

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!  See you sooonn!!!!!! :)

Hermana Harvey
 this picture turned out pretty terrible because it was in vivid and I didn't know. :P But this is our branch right after they had sung to me.

Hermana Rosa!! She was the closest Hermana we had to a mamita here in Llanquihue! I love her so much!

Our Branch President (the one holding his baby) and his family.  We had lunch with them out in the "Country" :)
Pictures from Hermana Medeiros... 

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  1. Will miss your fun, newsy, motivating letters letters but it will be wonderful to see you in person! Looking forward to having you in the YSA WArd, I hope!