Monday, September 15, 2014

1st P-day email from Chile!

Sister Paxman and me
Getting ready to do some service.
Picture from the bus in Central Puerto Montt
The mall in Puerto Montt
Hey Family and Friends!! Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week!! I love you guys!! Welp... I have a lot to tell about this past week but very little time to say it all so I will try to be concise! (First of all... I cannot spell in English at all already and it is getting worse every day so please correct anything that I spell wrong... It's worse because spell check is in Spanish on these computers... Thanks!!) First of all, I know that mom will want to know all about my Mamita. Yes, I have a mamita, but we only eat with her for almuerzo (lunch) when she is not able to fine a member for us to eat with. She doesn't do our laundry, we bring our laundry with us to the chapel on Sundays and whoever we go to almuerzo with that day washes our clothes. Everyone here is so nice and the members always invite us into their houses when we stop by randomly. They are so sweet!! The food has been really good so far! Nothing weird yet. We had Spaghetti for almuerzo at the Mission Precident´s house and then for Cena (dinner) we had completos (hot dogs with everything you can imagine on top of them). The put manjar on a bunch of their deserts so I have had that already a couple times! :) It was pretty great! Just pretty much caramel :) I have not yet had Pichanga but my companion says that she has and that it is excellent. I'll probably end up having it during the festivities of next week! The 18th of September is a HUGE holiday here and apparently there will be a lot of food :) Soo!! I have to tell you about a couple of experiences that I have already had with investigators!! First of all, while I was still in the CCM, I prayed during one of my last study times there that I might come across a scripture story that would be exactly what my investigator in my first lesson in the mission field would need and I was directed to study about when Christ walked on the water and Peter came out to him and walked on the water to get to him. Entonces, my first lesson that I had was with the family Canales and I could hardly understand what was going on because he speaks so quickly but when I shared the story, I felt the spirit really strong that it was the right thing to share in that moment in my broken Spanish. A little later on in the lesson my companion shared that I had told her that I wanted to use this story in the first lesson because of my specific prayer that I had said before coming here and explained that the Lord hears and answers each and every one of our prayers. After the lesson, Hermana Paxman (my companion) explained to me that our investigator had said that this story was exactly perfect for him in that moment!! It was amazing! :) We are now working on getting them baptized on October 11th so she went today to finish her papers for divorce and then we have planned that they will get married on the 10th of October (that is one of the biggest problems we have here), baptized on the 11th, then go to the temple in Santiago for baptisms on the 17-18th with the ward!!! We made them a calendar to try to help them to stick to their goals for these things and they are really excited about all of it and so are we!!! :D Miracles!! I don't have any more time now but I love you guys so much and I'm learning and growing every day!! My companion only speaks Spanish to me and I'm only allowed to speak Spanish so I'm learning quickly :) I think Hermana Paxman has actually forgotten a lot of her English.. haha Love you!! --Hermana Harvey
From the airplane. This is Osorno!
Me with my Mission President and his wife. 

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  1. What an amazing adventure you will have! Loved your letter - the Spirit just shines through!