Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 5!

I didn't do as well this week about keeping notes of everything that I wanted to tell you guys throughout the week so this email is probably going to be a little bit shorter than usual.  Sorry about that.  I'll try to do better next week.
So remember in my email last week how I said that we were going to be doing cross-fit with an hermana here who is an instructor?  Well... we did... and I almost died!! Okay... Not literally but I LITERALLY couldn't breathe when we finished the workout.  I almost threw up because I couldn't breathe and then my companion got sick with the combination of the hard workout and the thought of me getting sick.  So that was pretty much the hardest thing in the world.  haha and I was sore for days afterward which Hermana Snyder decided meant that we needed to continue doing crazy cross-fit workouts every day to work out the muscles.  So pretty much yesterday was the first day this week that I'm been able to walk normally because I wasn't quite so gosh darn sore.  Crazy Hermanas :)  But I know it's good for me because we're going to be walking a LOT in Chile and I have to build up my strength so that I don't completely die the first couple of days.

I only have one more week in the CCM then I'm headed out to Chile!! I cannot believe how the time has flown by!! I don't know Spanish yet!! Okay I know quite a bit of Spanish now and I can understand pretty much everything but I can mostly just speak gospel Spanish... I have a pretty hard time just having a normal conversation with someone but when I teach a lesson it's not too hard because those are the words that I use all day long.  So I'm going to have to work on my conversational Spanish a lot more!! In a week from today I will be either headed to or already in Chile and I will not be speaking any more English!! So that should help me to get the language a lot faster!

Have I told you how musical my district is?  The guys are constantly singing which is super fun!  We started practicing out musical number for when we leave the CCM.  All of us have a special musical number when they leave.  We decided to sing "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" because our district sounds so good when they sing it!! They guys have amazing voices!! I also got "A Child's Prayer" and "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" in Spanish which is super exciting because I LOVE both of those songs!!  :) 
The hermanas in our Casa who are from Mexico and Peru left Sunday night!! It was so sad!  They were sobbing and hugging us and saying how much they were going to miss us!! I am going to miss those girls so much! We had some fun taking pictures the night that they were leaving :) haha  I'll send some of them.  

I love you all so much and I miss you!!

--Hermana Harvey
 Oh I forgot to say that we went to the temple today!! Well, we went to the visitor's center(I think I told you already but the temple is closed right now) ... and it was gorgeous!!  I was sad that we couldn't go in to do a session but the spirit is so strong even in the Visitors Center!  We watched an amazing video about eternal families and it was so touching!! I know that families can be together for all of eternity through the ordinances performed in the Holy Temples.   The temple is a beautiful and wonderful place and I am so glad that we got to go!!
Part of this mystery solved!! We found it open when we were walking on Tuesday!! I think the mirror is just for decoration and it stores the hose!! Interesting!


Hermana Snyder and me at the visitors center

Taking pictures the night our Hermana's left.  It was a challenge to get us all in at once!!  Hermana Peterson is in the front in the first picture haha I love it!

Me again!

We just had to do a Beatles picture.  I think I was the only one that didn't really get the concept of how to make myself look like I'm walking when I'm really not. Haha.

gorgeous hall in the visitors center at the temple

All of our district that is going to Osorno.

On our way to the temple we saw lots of workers.  Look at this dude's broom!! they were all like this.  I feel like he's about to fly away on his broomstick!!

The whole district!
We all dressed up for our going away pictures for the CCM slideshow on Sunday and we all ended up matching with red, white, and blue in our casa so we just had to take a picture :)


  1. That's what all the brooms look like in Armenia!

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