Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

One thing that I am really surprised about is that I have not cried yet!!  I thought I would be crying myself to sleep every night because of not being able to understand the language and all that but, honestly, I am learning the language very quickly and can understand a LOT now and I am happier than I have ever been in my life!!

We had one street contact the other day who just came up to us and asked us who we were and said that he used to be a member when he was very little and needed to talk to us.  He told us that he was suffering because his wife had died three years earlier and that he needs us to help him. He said he planned on killing himself the next day and that he didn´t have anything left to do with his life.  We shared with him that he has a loving heavenly father who knows him individually and that Jesus Christ understands exactly what he is going through and that through his help, we can all become happy again through his atonement.  After talking to him for a good half hour he said that he was going to cut his hair (which he said before that there was no point in doing because he was going to kill himself anyway) and that he was going to go to church on Sunday.  Well when we called him on Sunday he was drunk so he said he couldn´t come but we still have hope for this man.  He is still alive so that is a good sign.

A funny thing that happened was a man on the street said to us "Ustedes son verdaderas gringas?!" Which means "Are you guys truly ... from the united states.. or white girls...?"  Haha as if he had never seen any before.  We laughed, told him yes, and walked away because he was obviously very drunk.. lol

We learned to make empanadas this week!! We helped make them for the ward Diez y Ocho activity! It was great!! Empanadas fritas are the best!! The activity was fun!  I loved seeing the youth in our ward dance the cueca! It is a beautiful dance!  They also eat mote con huesillos for dessert for every single diez y ocho activity.  It is really weird but I actually kinda liked it!! But very weird.  Hermana Paxman cannot eat it haha she almost gags thinking about it.  

Hermana Paxman and I have gotten a lot closer the past few days because we have been stuck in the house for our activities.  I love her so much haha We have lots of fun together!  We were joking that we were going to tell the man who always comes by to cut our grass that we´re good and hold up our scissors and we actually went out a couple days ago and started cutting the grass with scissors! Haha it was definitely a lot of fun!!
Eating empanadas at the activity! I love the dress of the girl in the backgroud!! There are lots of these dresses around on diez y ocho!! Adorable!! cueca dresses!

me, our ward mission leader, one of our investigators, his son who was recently baptized at the activity eating our dessert ;) mote con huesillos  This is an amazing family!! It is as if they have been members all their lives!! Just clearing up a few details before they get baptized!! It´s all so exciting!!
chopping wood!  It´s not all that hard.  And we have to do a lot of it! I actually really enjoy it!

I covered my backpack with the rain skirt the mission gave us and wore the one mom made me! LOVE IT! Thank you again!!

my companion and I in the rain!

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