Monday, September 8, 2014

Off to Chile!

I don't really get a P-day this week I don't think... I'm headed to reception at 3:30 today to get on a bus then we're headed to the airport.  I only have about 15 minutes to write right now so I won't be able to give too much information.  I might be able to write more later today right before I leave but I'm not sure.

I have bad news... We aren't allowed to call home in the airport.  I'm not sure why but I barely even get to email before I go.  I'm sorry about that... 

I have a flight with LAN airlines at 8:27 to Santiago and then I'm not sure the second airline but we're flying in a "Air Bus/ Jet" from Santiago to Osorno at around noon.  The first flight is about 8.5 hours long then we have quite a layover... about 6 hours... then the second flight is about 1.5 hours.  So it should be an exciting night :)

I'm all packed now which is exciting!  I want you to know that I am completely at peace with going to Chile right now.  I'm feeling about the same as I was on the way to the airport (remember how it was strange how little emotion I had.. haha).  I never really have broke down about leaving and I a still comfortable with the idea of leaving.  I am nervous about not knowing quite enough of the language and getting to know a completely new, fast, slurred dialect of Spanish but even that I'm not all that worried because I know that I will have the Lord's help and everything that happens happens for a reason and is for my good.  

I just want to tell you a quick story then I have to get off!  So we do this thing at the CCM called TRC where we can have volunteers come in so that we can teach them lessons and we had this man come in who has only been a member for 2 years and we were talking to him for quite a while and we were in a group of 6 missionaries teaching him.  One thing that was really cool was at the very beginning of the lesson I could not understand what he was saying, but then I think I started getting used to his spanish (I've noticed that it is always harder for me to understand people's Spanish in the first few moments that I am talking to them but then you kinda get used to the way that they say certain things and I can understand them.)  So after a little while I was able to understand just about everything he said.  Which was awesome because he was definitely speaking at a normal speed :)  Then he told us after a while of talking that he needed help understanding how to receive personal revelation.  He said that he only ever received answers in his mind and that he wasn't even completely sure if it was his answer and Hermana Snyder shared with him the scripture about how we receive answers in our mind and in our heart and I shared with him that we all receive answers differently and as we go to church and read our scriptures and pray, we can recognize how the spirit speaks to us individually.  I also shared with him that there is not just one way that the spirit speaks to each of us but that I have felt the spirit in many different ways and am still learning to recognize all of the ways he speaks to me.  He closed the lesson with a beautiful prayer and then after I was thanking him for his time and for sharing his experiences and he told me that as I was speaking he had goosebumps!  I was soo excited to tell him that this was the sprirt testifying to him of the truthfulness of my words.  He said he knew and gave me a huge smile and firm, double-handed handshake and thanked me.  It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had!  I was able to be the Lord's tool in helping this man to know another means by which he receives revelation!  So cool!

No time for pictures this week... But know that I love you soooo and I have lots of pictures to get to you later!! :)

--Hermana Harvey

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