Monday, January 12, 2015

Thank you Puerto Montt! I'm off to Punta Arenas!

Well everyone... I have big news!!! Transfers are this week and guess what!!!  I'M GOING TO PUNTA ARENAS!!
I can't really believe that it is happening.  My companion will be Hermana Jenkins, I don't know anything about her yet, and I will be flying out on Wednesday!! I'm freaking out a little bit!! It's strange how you can have so many mixed feelings when cambios come! I am soo excited to go to Punta Arenas, especially right now because there are still penguins this time of year!!  And I've heard lots of good things about the ward that I am going to be in!! (Barrio Obejero... I think that's how you spell it).  So I'll let you know how my flight was and how PUNTA ARENAS is next week!! :)
This week has been pretty crazy... We have had lots of illnesses in our companionship so we have been able to work a lot with members going on splits!! It's funny how God works with us in ways that we do not understand, like sending a flu virus, but things seem to work out for the best!! We almost met all of our goals that we set this week even though we were in and out of the Clinic and we were in the house a LOT for multiple reasons from illnesses to water miraculously collecting on the bathroom floor as we sleep.  It is incredible how we can see the hand of the Lord in this work in all things that we do!! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! 
Talk to you again next week from Punta Arenas!!
--Hermana Harvey

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  1. How can it not be absolutely wonderful when you have such an optimistic outlook and are so excited for new experiences!! It will be an amazing place to continue doing great works! Love, Sister G