Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 25

Hello Friends and Family!!
So Everyone is asking me about penguins!! No, I haven't seen penguins yet :) We have to travel a little ways to be able to see them but Hermana Jenkins and I are planning on going to this island to go and see them.  We could go to this beach about an hour and a half away or so to see the penguins but people have told us that there is this island that we can go out to for $30.000 pesos each (which is about $60) and you can not only see penguins but walk with thousands of them!! So Hermana Jenkins and I think that it is worth it!! How many times are you going to be at the end of the world, right?! So we'll probably be going in a few weeks! :)
We only have a few investigators right now but Hermana Jenkins and I are already working hard and I can just feel that this cambio is going to be amazing!! We have been working a LOT with contacting in the streets and with the members to try to receive references.  Our ward is super strong and they are a HUGE help to us!! I am so excited about this cambio and I LOVE Hermana Jenkins already!! The sun is unbelievably strong here so I put sunblock on everyday and still end up getting a little bit burned!! It's crazy how strong it is.  And it would actually be really warm here if it were not for the wind coming from Antarctica! The wind is literally frozen.... and there is a LOT of it!! Seriously.  A LOT of wind. Like it's hard to walk at times.  And there are actually cords to help you to walk in centro because the wind is so strong at times that without cords to help you, you can't walk against the wind! So that's fun when we are always wearing skirts :) haha but really. It's fun! :)
I love you all so much!!!
--Hermana Harvey
This is our house! :) It's a tiny little thing but it's super cozy for us two missionaries that live in it :) it's behind a member's house.  There's a lot of that here... little tiny houses behind people's houses that they rent out.

Our sector is super rich! This is one example of a super rich house in our sector :) CRAZY! Yes, we are still in Chile.

Guess What!! Robin Williams isn't dead!! He's just hiding out down here in Punta Arenas!! He's actually our investigator!!

Blanca y Victor!! They're our investigators :)

Hermana Blanca, Hermana Jenkins, and I! 

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