Monday, June 15, 2015

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Week 46

Hello Friends and Family!!

Yes.... I am having a white JUNE!! Haha crazy! Hermana Snyder and I feel like it's Christmas!!! :) It's been a little cold this week... and when I say a little, I mean a lot!! Haha we get to ice skate everywhere we go!! :) Super fun!! I'm sending a couple pictures of the snow but I didn't get any super good pictures. Next week hopefully I'll have better snow pictures :) 

So... one of the miracles that we had this week real quick!! We were trying to find a few people that we had contacted in the street and, as happens many times, we realized that someone had given us a fake address so as we were knocking doors on the street that they said they lived, I noticed a girl seated in her house, looking at us from her window.  I told Hermana Snyder that she was looking at us soo... like any good missionary... we took that as a sign that we needed to knock on her door and talk to her.  A girl named Andrea answered and we stared with our typical, "Hello, we're missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." As Hermana Snyder was saying this, I noticed another young girl inside look up very surprised and stand up and Andrea look back in surprise at her friend.  The girl who was inside, Lydia, pushed her way through the door to give us each a hug! That was pretty shocking... She said that she was a member of the church here visiting her friend who is not a member and that she had something to tell us.  She said that just as we knocked on her door, she was finishing telling her friend about how the missionaries had knocked on her door, the message that they shared with her, and how she came to know it was true and.... guess what... that's when we showed up out of nowhere and knocked on her door!! WHAT?!?! Sometimes we don't even realize that God is leading us in each and every thing that we do until things like this happen!! CRAZY!  We are meeting with them this Friday!

Love you guys so much!! Have a great week!!

Hermana Harvey


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  1. Love those tender mercies and little miracles that happen to obedient and prayerful missionaries! Enjoy the snow! It is 100 degrees today. Seems amazing it can be anything but anywhere else! Keep up the good work! Love ya, Sister G