Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 47!

Hello Friends and family!! 

This week was honestly pretty hard. I didn't realize how draining it would be to walk in the ice and snow every day... all day... haha but we are usually blessed with lots of appointments so I can't complain! :) And it is GORGEOUS!! 

Funny story real quick... We were walking to our district meeting on Tuesday and we have to bring a computer so that a couple of the elders in our district can skype in and so I was carrying the laptop and walking in the snow quickly because we were running late and I fell! It was stange because it was like... one second I was just fine and dandy walking and then the next moment I was on the groud! The good news is that there was lots of snow so it was like a big pillow!! :) haha so that was fun.  

We had an activity this week in which all of the missionaries sang and we watched videos about Jesus Christ.  It went pretty well :) But we diffinitely sang like a choir of missionaries... haha latino missionaries.  But that's okay because the chileans ALWAYS say that the choir sang like a choir of angels.... no matter what they sounded like! But the videos that we watched were great!! :)) 

Love you guys!!
Hermana Harvey
 For P-day today we went to play in the snow!! :) It was super fun!!! And only about 15 minutes driving to get there! :D FUN!!


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  1. Missed your weekly epistle but loved the pix! You certainly don't get to do that very often here! In fact, in view of our tremendous heat the last week, I think I'd almost welcome some of the white stuff for a couple of days! No more than that, though, because California drivers do not know how to handle snow and ice. Looking forward to hearing about your investigators next week. Love ya, Sister G