Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 45

¡¡Hola Amigos y Familia!!

We have still been finding lots of new people to teach!! One of these is named Solange and she is ADORABLE. I don't really know how to explain how she is in other words... But she is really sweet, soft spoken, and dresses adorable. Have you seen the show The New Girl? She looks and acts kinda like the girl from that show but more sweet and soft-spoken haha ANYWAY... We taught her about the Restoration and she loved it and said that if she received an answer from God that it is true, she will be baptized on June 27th.  Well... she didn't go to church yesterday so we're going ot have to wait a little longer but it's great because she really has desires to know if it is true!!

We also received a reference from our investigator, Victor, to go and visit one of his neighbors (They knew a young woman lived there and that she works as a nurse and has a little daughter but that's all they knew about her)! When we knocked on their door, her husband answered (Chrístian) and he told us that we could come back on Saturday. So, of course, we came back and when we got there, his wife (Vanessa) told us that she was really surprised when her husband told him that we were going to come because he doesn't even believe very much in God and NEVER thought he would want to hear what we had to say. He explained that they had seen missionaries pass by the house many times and always wondered what they believed but they had never knocked on his door. So when we came along this day, he decided that he wanted to listen and learn.  We shared with them about the Restoration of the Gospel and and they loved it also! They said that we could come back any time we want!! haha so we set up an appointment to see them next Saturday when they will both be home together!! I am so excited to teach them more!!

Lots more happened this week but it's too much to write here... If you want to have more details, someday you can read my journal :) it will all be there!!

I love you guys!!!

Hermana Harvey

 OH! And it snowed!! Didn't stick in our area but you could see it up in the hills!! :) So pretty!!

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