Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 48 - Time for Change!

Hello Friends and Family!!

Well... I have now been in Punta Arenas for 6 months and we received the news this morning that it is time for me to move on.  I am headed to Calle Calle (I don't really know how to spell that yet...) on Wednesday.  That is a town inside of a bigger city called Valdivia (pretty much the other extreme of my mission!).  I have heard that it is GORGEOUS there. I've seen lots of pictures and from what I´ve seen it's true! But the pictures I saw were in Summer haha and it is supposed to be the rainiest city in our mission so that should be fun :) So.... As transfers always go... I have lots of mixed feelings.  It is sooo hard to leave all of the people here that I have grown to love so much but I know that there are great adventures waiting for me in Valdivia!! So I'm excited.  I know that the Lord knows better than I do what I need... and right now, I need to leave Punta Arenas. 

I already know my new companion!! It's Hermana Sarceño from El Salvador.  She was here in my zone in Punta Arenas with me and she is tiny and super fun!! :) You'll see what I mean when I send more pictures later :) She was working as a PE teacher before she came on the mission so I'm going to improve my workouts in the morning! :)

We saw a bunch of miracles this week!! One of which was Vanessa and Chrístian!! We had a lesson with them on Saturday and we dedicated the whole time to answering questions and explaining the Restoration until they could really understand.  In the end of the lesson, we asked them if they believe that Joseph Smith was really called to be a prophet and if we have a prophet today and Vanessa said "I believe it! I don't know why I believe it but I just do.  I can feel that it's true."  We explained to her that she had been feeling the Holy ghost testify to her of the truthfulness of our message.  They both told us that they always LOVE when we come to visit them because they can feel something different when we are there and they just want more of that feeling.  We invited them to be baptized on the 25th of July and Vanessa said "¡SÍ!" and Chrístian said "I believe I will be even more than prepared to be baptized that day."  We testified to them of the truthfulness of this gospel and the importance of this decision that they are making and Vanessa just started crying.  She said "I'm sorry.  I don't know why I'm so sad all of a sudden."  And we explained to her that she was not feeling sad.  She was feeling the Spirit and that that is what she is going to feel as she prays for a confirmation of her decision to get baptized.  IT WAS AMAZING!!! I am sooo happy for them!! I'm also sad that I won't be here to see them get baptized but I know that they are in good hands here with Hermana Snyder.

I love you guys so much!! I'll let you know next week what it's like in Valdivia!!
Chau Hermana Snyder! Chau Snow!

Hermana Sarceño! My future companion!


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