Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 51 - Valdivia

Here are a few fun facts about my new area...

1. My area is actually a little pueblito called Collico down by the river Calle Calle.  It is gorgeous and fun because we are outside of the city of Valdivia just enough that there are not a lot of people in our area.  There are no colectivos (like a mix between a taxi and a bus because it's a car that follows a certain path and picks up all the people waiting in the street until it is full and people just tell the driver to pull over when they get to where they want to go).  There are only micros (buses) so we always get to take the bus to get to civilization :) haha So my sector is really pretty and green because it rains a lot and there is a lot of country-side in my area! :) 

2. There are some really nice bus drivers that know the missionaries so sometimes we are just walking and they pull over and ask if we are going far and if we are they give us a ride for free!! :) I like those bus drivers :) haha 

3. There is a small village about an hour from here that speak Mapuche, an ancient language that was spoken by the Indians that lived here and now they continue speaking only Mapuche. They don't speak Spanish.  It's interesting because my companion is from Guatemala and she was explaining to me that it is the same in her country... Her uncle lives in a village where they only speak some Mayan language.  She told me that there are 22 different Mayan languages in Guatemala and they don't speak Spanish either.  And they live their lives very different from us... like... they don't wear clothes because they aren't that "modernized" and the children play in the trees like monkeys... Hermana Sarceño said that she went to visit her Uncle and was shocked when she realized that the monkeys playing in the trees weren't monkeys... they were children! Weird, right?

Welp, I'm already just about out of time! :) I love you guys!!

We walk on this old rail-road-track to cut through our area more quickly and I wanted to take pictures with these chickens :)

look... cows. On our way to an appointment, we decided to stop to take some pictures :)
Hermana Sarceño with the cows.

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