Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 49

Hello friends and family!!
My trip went well for those who are wondering.  I left Punta Arenas at 1:30pm by plane then took a bus from Puerto Montt to Osorno which took about 2 hours and another bus from Osorno to Valdivia which was about another 2 hours.  With all of the time that we spent waiting for buses and for other missionaries, I got to Valdivia at 10:30pm.  I was soo tired.  Hermana Sarceño practically tackled me with excitement when I got there because she has been waiting for hours :) 
Valdivia is definitely different from Punta Arenas!! It is super green here wherever you look because it is ALWAYS raining!! My sector is called Collico which is a little town about a half hour away from the city of Valdivia.  This sector opened up about a year ago and before that there weren't any missionaries here.  We're a little tiny sector outside of everything else! FUN! And our sector follows the river Calle Calle so we are by the river all day long! :) It's gorgeous!
It's super different to have a companion that doesn't speak any English.  It's funny because I'm trying to teach her English while she has been teaching me Spanish so I have actually spoken more English than in all of the rest of my mission!! I told her that in the mornings we are only going to speak English so that she can learn.  It's funny because she tries to communicate with me in English and she pretty much just points and things and says things like ."I table..."  "I want...." haha it's pretty fun!
I feel even worse about my spanish now because usually people can understand pretty well but when they are listening to my companion speak, they have no problem at all understanding so they just relax and then I can see their face change to a strained, "what is she saying?" face as they try to understand my spanish with a thick US accent.  haha But I know I'll learn lots with Hermana Sarceño!! :)
I love you guys!!
Hermana Harvey

Me and my mamita!! She is great! and she has guinny pigs.... (sp?)

came to our house to find a puppy!! yeah... we can't have puppies in the mission so we had to bring her to a member's house who said that they would take him.  Apparently, the Hermana who was here before me had a soft spot for dogs and they found this little dog abandoned in the street and knew he was going to die so they saved him. haha

By the river in the morning :)

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