Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 52! 1 YEAR!!!

Hello Friends and Family!! 

We've been looking for houses this week but haven't found anything within our sector so we're probably going to be moving soon but we're going to be going outside of our area to live in a house where Elders are living right now that's more safe than our house. And it has a wood-burning-stove!! whoo!! 

We have been working to try to find new people to teach and also with a sheet of names that the bishop gave us to find that are inactives that are on the list of members but no one knows who they are.  I love it because we know that our bishop really wants to help us and is looking for ways to help in the missionary work! :)  It's great!! We haven't seen all that much rain lately!! It has been beautiful!! :) 

Short story.. we were walking down the street one day after a lesson that went TERRIBLY where the inactive woman that we were teaching just wanted to yell at us telling us that she was fine and that didn't need or want our help.  So I was feeling pretty down and obviously, so was my companion.  It was late so we were headed back home.  As we were walking down the street, there was a man walking next to us and my companion started to talk to him about his work and family and everything and he said that he was going to the store to buy a few things.  So we walked and talked all the way to the street where we live (which everyone in all of Collico knows where we live because it is a pueblito muy chicatito) and then he stopped with us and we found out that he is a member of the church and that he went inactive when he was about 18 and that he wanted to come back.  When we said goodbye, he headed back in the same direction that we had come from.  He had been walking with us for all that time because he really has a great desire to come back to the fold of God.  God knows what people need and when they need it and we can be his instruments here on this earth but only if we are ready to listen to the spirit and follow where it leads us.  I am thankful that my companion was listening to the spirit in this moment and talked to this man who was walking by us.

I love you guys!!

Hermana Harvey
1 year mark!!!!!

We went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders... I got to go with Hermana Bretón :) Oh, memories.
I'm learning how to make Panchos!! Or, as they call them here, mantas.  our mamita is teaching us!! I already finished one but I'm not going to send a picture because it is a surprise ;)

I bought this manta from mamita :) It's pretty, right?


  1. Me da pena los problemas de alojamiento que esta teniendo mi hermanita Harvey,como quisiera estar ahi para poder solucionarle el problema y que ella pueda cumplir con su misión sin mayores problemas. Orare para que se solucionen su problema.

  2. It's amazing all the talents you are acquiring while you are serving the Lord! Will continue to pray for many people for you to teach so they can have the blessings of the gospel. I'm happy that you will have a wood burning stove and be warm! What a comfort that can be after a long hard day out in the cold!
    Love ya, Sister G