Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 66 - A Week of Change!

Hello Friends and Family!!

This week, everything has been changing! But most of all, I think I have changed a LOT this week.  It is amazing how much you can learn when you dedicate your life to the service of God!  I had a couple months in which I was a little depressed because I have just been overly stressed with all that we have to do as missionaries.  I went through a couple of months of little or no desire to get up in the morning and was doing everything that I have to do because it is my responsibility as a missionary rather than because I wanted to do it.  I was not enjoying my mission the way that I had been for the first year or so.  But I didn't even realize how bad it had gotten.  I only realized when we went to a member's house for lunch and she was talking to us about when she served as the mission president's wife a few years ago.  She said that in this time, there was no mission nurse so all of the missionaries called her when they were sick.  She explained to us the signs that you can see when a missionary is overly stressed.  As she spoke, I recognized each and every sign in myself.  I was sooo stressed!! And so, that night, I was talking with my companion about it and everything just came pouring out!  Then, after talking for a long while, we got ready for bed and I began to pray for help.  I have never cried so much in a prayer before.  The next morning, after recognizing what was wrong, talking about everything that I was feeling with my companion and the Lord, and asking God for help, I woke up with desires to serve again!! I had energy and was ready to work!! I feel happy again!! Not that I was miserable these last couple of months, but I wasn`t as happy as I could have been!! But now, I can enjoy the rest of my mission to it's fullest.  

Osme got baptized this week!! :) We are sooo happy for him with this decision that he made!! In his baptism, his daughter Zulydela asked the primary to sing and they sang a primary song about baptism!! It was the sweetest thing in the world!! Before Osme got baptized, we decided to sing another hymn while he was waiting there in the baptismal font so that we could invite the spirit again! Haha so while he was there all soaking wet, we all sang "Soy un Hijo de Dios" or "I am a child of God." It was so great!! He invited a family from his work to come and they did! And his son also invited a friend and a member of our branch also invited a friend! So there were a lot of people who aren't members in his baptism!! That was a huge blessing for us!! :) And for them! :) He has the goal to go to the temple with his family in a year so that they can be an eternal family!! I know that they can be together forever and that this is made possible in the holy temples of the Lord and Osme knows that too and has that goal with his family!! :) We're so happy for them!

Lots of other things happened this week like... we had our Zone Conference on Wednesday in which we talked about what we can do better as a mission and set goals to be better and to see more miracles and we always leave sooo enlightened by the spirit!! And on Thursday we had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I was with a sister who is going to be finishing her mission this next transfer and she was SUPER trunky thinking about her boyfriend who she left at home haha so that was fun! :) And I learned a lot from her about what I can do to be a better missionary! :) Oohhh... AAANNNNDDDD President Obeso called us last night... AANNNDDD.... We received our transfers!... Hermana Alvarez is going to be leaving this week and will still be inside my zone! So I will get to see her! :) And I will be training an hermana named Hermana Medeiro (I think) from Brazil!! So good thing I learned a little bit of Portuguese from Hermana Marinho! :) 

I love you guys so much!! 

Hermana Harvey

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  1. Isn't it amazing how the Lord puts opportunities in your way to learn what you need to know in the future!! Or just what you need to learn to do your calling! While we were in Armenia, so many of our teachers were Russian and refused to teach or turn in their rolls in Armenian, so I picked up a book on learning Russian at a sidewalk sale and learned enough of the Russian alphabet so I could translate my Seminary and Institute rolls that I had to turn in to the church without having to ask someone else to translate them. It was also very helpful as half of our signs were in Russian instead of Armenia (because Russia ruled Armenia for 70 years until 1989.) I'm so happy you were given the help you needed to recognize your depression - inspired, of course, by Satan who didn't want your beautiful sunny disposition to shine through and attract attention. I'm so grateful the Lord places people in our path to help us! And is placing you in the path of others to help them. You are an inspiration and a shining light to bring others to Christ! Praying for your safety, success and abundance of the Spirit to lead and guide you!! Love ya, Sister G