Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 67

Hello friends and family!!!

Hermana Medeiros is such a sweetheart!! I love working with her!! :) But you would NOT believe how crazy our first day together was!! I felt so bad!! haha I had to explain to her liike 15 times that it wouldn't be this way every day! Sooo.... here's what happened... First of all, we had lunch with President Obeso and all of the other missionaries that are either starting their missions or training a new missionary and he spoke to us and everything and then we got on a bus to head back to Puerto Montt.  On the bus, we recieved a call that Hermana Medeiros had left a bag in the church that had her Book of Mormon, along with some other things, inside. So she lived the first few days of her mission without a Book of Mormon (she has it now, thank goodness ;)).  Then, when we got to Puerto Montt, we went to buy her a backpack because she didn't know she could bring one and only had a little purse that didn't hold much of anything.  It was a beautiful day so I took of my jacket off and we headed off to go shopping :)  THEN we got back to the bus terminal, got all of her suitcases and everything together and got on a bus headed to Llanquihue.  When we were just leaving Puerto Montt, I suddenly realized that I didn't have my jacket.  I had forgotten it in the bus terminal! I thought, oh well, it's okay, I'll just call the elders that were there and I would get it back later.  When I went to reach for the cell phone and realized that not only was our cell phone in the jacket, but so were the only keys to our house! As we got on the highway headed to Llanquihue, we had to tell the bus driver that we had to get off NOW because we had forgotten something.  He looked at
us as if we were insane then a man helped us take out all of our suitcases that Hermana Medeiros had brought and they left us stranded on the high way.... We had to walk all the way to the nearest bridge to cross over to the other side where we could take another bus to get back to Puerto Montt... By the time we got back, we were sweating like pigs and looked like we were about to die and obviously the Elders thought it was the funniest thing in the world as they watched us walk the last few steps to retrieve my jacket that I had forgotten.  (I don't even know how we made it back. It was a miracle.)  When I got my jacket, I looked in the pockets and WE FOUND THE HOUSE KEYS!! But the cell phone wasn't there.... :( haha so we wen't about 4 days without cell phone or Book of Mormon until the Elders could bring us a new cell phone and bring us Hermana Medeiros's Book of Mormon. Whoo. What a week.
But the rest of our week went really well!! :) We're doin' Good here in Llanquihue!! And it looks like we found a new apartment that is going to be gorgeous!! I'll send you pictures when it's finished!! :)

I love you guys!! Have a great week!!

Hermana Harvey

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  1. Some adventures are more fun than others. At least you know you can do hard things!! I empathize with the forgotten jacket. I left one of my favorite coats on the airplane when I flew back to South Carolina earlier this year. Fortunately, it didn't have anything in the pockets! Happy to report that today for my birthday, my husband took me shopping and bought me a new one! Looks like you'll have a brand, spanking new apartment. How fun! Congratulations on the new companion. One of the things we loved about our senior mission was that we didn't have to change companions! We got to keep the same old ones. :) Love ya, Sister G