Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 70

Hello Friends and Family!!

Sooo this week has been a little different... :P We spent most of our week stuck in the house because I couldn't exactly walk.. soo I don't really have all that much to tell.. other than the fact that I have advanced a lot in my Book of Mormon lecture! Whoo!! :)

One "funny" thing that happened is that President Obeso was going to come to our house to interview us because all of our zone had interviews and he didn't want us to have to travel to Puerto Montt to have ours.  So we were freaking out a little bit and we cleaned our entire house. But we REALLY cleaned our house! We scrubbed the floor and the washing machine and the stove and behind the washing machine and stove and the craziest thing is that we needed to cut the grass but we didn't have grass-cutting scissors (yes, they use these big scissors to cut the grass here) soooo Hermana Medeiros had the great idea of cutting the grass with her normal scissors.... I could NOT believe it... she cut almost ALL the grass with those school scissors!! I put a chair outside and sat there and started pulling up grass with my hands to try to help but she ended up coming in with blisters on her hand from cutting so much grass so little at a time!! LOCA!  So he said that he was going to get there at 3:00 so she cut that grass as fast as her little hand could move and then came in the house to make it look like nothing had happened and started studying her scriptures like a good little missionary. So we waited and waited.. and when it was about 5:00 we thought... that is so weird.. why hasn't he come yet? So we looked at our phone and realized that it didn't have any signal! So we began doing everything possible to make the signal come back and finally, we received a message that said that President Obeso had called 7 TIMES!!! Soooo... when we could finally get ahold of him, he told us that he couldn't find our house even after asking a bunch of people in the street where the mormon missionaries live and they were already almost back in Osorno! Man I felt sooo bad!! And so did Hermana Medeiros! Her poor little hand! She did all that for nothing! haha

Aaand another funny thing was that I was looking at a box of vitamins that we had in our house and reading what it said and I guess the whole being in Spanish thing confused me.  It said that we had to keep the pills in a dry, cool area away from the light (sounds pretty normal, right).  I looked at my companion and said, "wow! these vitamins must be really strong! It says that you can't even go out into the light after taking them!" Ummmm... yeah.... my companion is still making fun of me for that :) 

I love you guys!!!
Hermana Harvey

Pictures from Hermana Medeiros!

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