Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 68

Hello Friends and Family!

This week was amazing!!  We have been finding new people to teach each and every day!! EVERY DAY!! It is amazing!! It's like the Lord just wants to literally pour blessings upon us every day.  I have felt the way that the Lord works through us in a very special way this week.  

We were teaching Hugo yesterday (YES, WE FOUND HIM AT HOME AGAIN THIS WEEK!) and he still has LOTS of great questions!  We were able to teach him in a very simple way the truths that he needed to answer every question and doubt that he had.  It was amazing how the spirit worked through us... the spirit was so strong as we were speaking and we had no idea what to say until the words just started coming out of our mouths.  You could see it on his face as he went from not even knowing for sure if God exists to feeling the spirit testify that God is his loving heavenly father.  We felt the power of those words as we testified to him that his father in heaven loves him! I know more than any other moment in my life that God is literally my father and that he loves me! 

Do you guys remember Juán? I don't know if I have already told you about him but he is one of our investigators who's wife passed away about 9 years ago and has had a lot of trouble accepting commitment because the rest of his family has a thing against the Mormons and he is afraid of losing the rest of the family that he has left.  Well, after an amazing lesson about the Restoration and how through this restoration, the authority of Christ is on the earth again so that we can be baptized and make it to heaven to be with our loved ones again, we invited him to be baptized on November 28th and he accepted!! We are soo happy for him!! One thing that I have learned on my mission is that we are not helping people to become better.  We are not helping good people to become better and bad people to become good... we are opening the door for these people to have eternal happiness... to make it to the celestial kingdom or what is more commonly know of as heaven. Where we can live in eternal happiness. And i know that it is only through this message that we share... the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ... that we can be with our families for all eternity.

I love you guys!!
Hermana Harvey

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  1. Your excitement comes through all the way from Chile!! Oh - guess I'd better get your Christmas card in the mail or you will be home before it reaches Chile! Happy Thanksgiving. I'm sure you'll find some fun way to celebrate. Love ya, Sister G