Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 69

Hello Friends and Family!!

Well, first of all, we had a week of miracles!! One of our investigators, Alejandro, decided that he wants to be baptized and we set his baptismal date for December 19th! Right before Christmas! :) Whoo!!  We are so happy for him! 

I was teaching my companion how to make bread this week and decided that it would be fin to turn it into a language study session at the same time... so I sat on the couch and just told her step-by-step what she had to do and she followed my instructions.  I saw that she didn't exactly understand how much oil to use and I watched her put a LOT... but I continued with my instructions anyways and saw that she was having difficulty kneading it because it had waay too much oil so I began to give her instructions to make biscuits instead of bread because I knew it wasn't going to turn out too well.  I told her to roll out the dough and put it to cut it out, put them on a cookie sheet and to poke holes in it with a fork.  She asked me if we should put egg or butter on them and I said no, it has plenty of oil.  Then I look over at her and realize that she was pouring oil onto a fork and spreading it over the top of each biscuit... I asked "Hermana Medeiros... What are you doing?" And she said, "I'm doing what you told me to do!" The word in Spanish for holes is "hoyos" and apparently, to Hermana Medeiros it sounded a lot like "oil" sooo she thought that I used a word in English in the middle of my sentence and was telling her to put even more oil on top of her oily mixture and to use a fork to do it.  And the funniest thing as that she did it! She listened to me! Wow... that is a trusting companion right there :) So I showed her how to poke holes in her "bread" and it actually turned out pretty good! :)

Aaaannd now for the biggest news of this week... drum role please.... I sprained my ankle! Okay... here´s what happened... So Hermana Medieros and I were on our way to an appointment and were extra happy so we were skipping through the street when I stepped off the road a little bit into the dirt and herd a loud crack and felt a strong pain in my ankle.  I immediately knew that something serious had happened and began to scream and cry.  At this point, Hermana Medeiros said that she thought I was just joking around and I was just going to say "I'm soo happy" because she says that I always do that but then when she heard me start yelling "I don't want to be sent home! I don't want to be sent home!" She knew that I wasn't laughing.  A couple of the young men of our branch just happened to be walking by so she called them over to help and they carried me to a nearby member's house.  The called a taxi and took me to the hospital where they checked my ankle and told me that it was broken.  The doctor said that he could feel the bone move when he pressured my ankle where I said that it hurt and that they didn't have X-rays there so they would have to send me to Puerto Montt to know how bad the break was.  Soo they gave me an IV for the pain and then a member came and picked us up to go to the clinic in Puerto Montt. Before leaving, I received a priesthood blessing from my mission leader of our branch and then we headed off.  When I finally got my X-rays taken, the doctor looked at them and said that my bones were perfectly fine. There was no fracture and that it was just a sprain!! It was a MIRACLE!! President Obeso called me in the morning and said that the mission nurse had called him and told him what was happening and that if I had a fracture, I would have to be sent home because I wouldn't have enough time to heal on my mission.  I know that God wants me to be here on my mission right now and that's why he spared my ankle so that I will be able to finish strong! I feel sooo blessed!! I know that this gospel is true and I am going to use this time that the Lord has given me to the fullest!! I just have to wear a boot for about a week and then I'll be good to go! :) 

I love you guys!! 

Hermana Harvey

Yup... I sprained my ankle.... It happens, ya know?

I got my package!! THANK YOU!! :)
Another Picture posted online by Hermana Medeiros's mom. :) 

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